This October, Germany based artist, FLØRE, dropped a new EP titled, SUPERBLOOM. Depicting the freedoms, the failures, and the roses and thorns of childhood and growing up, this album blooms with life in dark places.

FLØRE started as a music project in 2018, and over the course of this year, this alternative indie songwriter produced her first EP in its entirety on GarageBand in her kitchen pantry. Simple and beautiful, this album showcases her talents with just the essential recording and production equipment.

Starting off the album, “Tsunami” is a floating whirlwind. FLØRE’s voice lilts along the track with guitar and racing drums reminiscent of long road trips on remote highways just as the sun is setting. The song’s quick tempo sends the heart racing and soaring along, and her storytelling and poetic lyrics are filled with warmth and crashing waves. This song gasps for breath and blooms forth as the toxicity in a relationship swallows its victim whole, leaving them struggling to stay afloat in the tsunami of waves and stormy weather of emotion.

Up next, “Why Do I Miss You,” frees the mind with its catchy beat and simple lyrics. As it reminisces in classic pop love tracks, it’s FLØRE’s voice that is showcased the best. Its sweetness lingers in the ears long after the track’s end and you’re left with a pang of longing as her words pull you into her world of a relationship just at its tipping point. The song sings of a kind of love that burns so fast and bright that all too quickly it sputters out.

“i’m okay, i’m just a little depressed” is beautifully produced and written, appearing to sequel the previous track as the mood cycles through insecurity and depression befitting the world we are in today as we all face a world in isolation and projection of negative emotions. In our isolation, we’ve become hyper-focused on interaction through social media; and social media takes many of us through self-destructive cycles of comparing the self to others and their success and happiness. As much as it can be a helpful tool to connect with others, it could also factor in making you feel more alone; insecure in the isolation, depression, and filled with anxiety. The song concludes with a quote, stating that “I’m so happy for you/This is… 2020 it’s a… a very strange year/But for you it’s, it’s a great year, I guess/And for me as well.”

The next track, “Rich Kids,” is a dreamy alt-pop track filled with the nostalgia of youth and a universe wide of big dreams, co-produced and featured with musician, Novaa. While taking us on an adventure of dreamy vocals, FLØRE and Novaa traverse the landscape of a youth of being broke and pursuing their biggest, wildest dreams. Instead of wasting years of our lives living day to day in a job we hate, they inspire anyone who listens to follow their passions. In doing so, that is a key to obtaining “billion dollar minds” and true happiness and peace in life.

Following the feature with Novaa, FLØRE’s “Dutchman” buries the mind into the anxiety and fear of losing a soulmate. It faces the desperation of that moment when you know the butterflies in the relationship are long gone, but you’re scrambling to grasp onto the illusion that there is still love there. It touches on the desperation of clinging to a chance of making it work for the sake of the nostalgia for when things were good in that relationship.

The next single “Bikes” wraps up childhood in a short few minutes. It feels like scraped knees and embracing the chill of the wind in the air as you’re racing down the hills, all while showing the growing pains and blossoming of youth. Every time I hear this track I look back on my own youth when the pale moonlights with friends were our only way of seeing as we trampled through the bushes, and for a little while, we didn’t have to worry about our troubled minds.

Concluding the album “Gunno” embraces the pale echoes of loneliness and unrequited love. The track’s introspective nature only adds to this; that feeling of isolation to the extent that you feel no one cares about you. All the while, the dreams remain, of traveling and embracing life to the fullness, of seeing the wide ocean as it fills up the soul.

In November, we had a chat with FLØRE over Zoom. Come and see what we talked about at the video below!

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