Germany-based singer-songwriter, FLØRE, is back with her second single of 2021, titled: “Bad Medicine.” After releasing her last single, “Dead Boys” back in January 2021, she is continuing along the journey for her next EP. Her debut EP, SUPERBLOOM, released in October 2020, reached acclaim with some of the singles reaching the highly coveted playlist spots. Each track has been produced by Berlin’s Indie Pop artist, NOVAA

“Dead Boys,” released on Friday, June 25th, is the second single to go toward her soon-to-be-released EP, ROMANIAC.  The track, and the EP as a whole, centers on toxic relationships and the irony of being in one. 

“I like writing songs that are sweet, but I’m ready for something new,” she stated in our interview with her. “I want to start writing songs that bite back.” FLØRE’s newest single does just that as it conquers the concept of a bad relationship and the feelings that follow when the toxicity and impact of it hits full force.

This song is about that kind of person you know is not good for you, but you just can’t let it go. Being close to that someone doesn’t make you feel better, but that’s what you wanna feel sometimes. Being heartbroken, but you know you’re alive. Sometimes feeling the pain is better than feeling nothing. I actually think there’s nothing worse than feeling numb. So this ‘Bad Medicine’ – Love is like a drug, it doesn’t make you feel better, sometimes not even in the short run, but from an artistic point of view being hurt and rejected is just too big of an inspiration for letting it be. This song has come quite a journey. I wrote it four years ago and it had three different productions. But now it has its dress in which it’s supposed to be set free. Sometimes songs need time to grow and change. Like plants. Or humans.


As the fear of feeling numb controls the choice to leave a toxic relationship because you’re at least feeling something, there in it lies the poison, slowly draining the identity and life away. Though the track was written years back, FLØRE’s technique and word choice creates a beautiful time capsule of the moment while creating a relatable and inspirational anthem to keep pushing forward.

Listen the single now, available on all streaming platforms:

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