When we last heard from Germany-based artist, FLØRE, she had released her debut EP, SUPERBLOOM, and we chatted about her beautiful sense of fashion and music.

As she continues to grow in her music, she said, “I want to start writing songs that bite back,” which we assumed as the next step in writing songs to “give this weird existence a meaning.” As a creative spirit, her work inspires any soul seeking familiarity and companionship in loving the moon and finding beauty in darkness.

Whereas SUPERBLOOM expressed her own fragility and self-discovery, her latest single, “Dead Boys,” takes a new turn in tone. With her ethereal voice, FLØRE casts a glance onto darker things. She expresses the track as taking the term, “You’re dead to me,” literally. While using wordplay to express the dark and hidden parts of the human personality, she confronts the parts of ourselves we continually deny while singing about death and its impacts on humanity as a whole. About the track, she says, “I thought, maybe in another universe I’d be a killer. And ‘Dead Boys’ is about that split character I feel living inside of me. Some things will never completely heal and thinking about the ones who betrayed and left me, still makes me mad. When I break things off, it’s forever…”

Stream “Dead Boys” now, available on all streaming platforms.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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