All of us were impacted over the last year, whether we would like to admit it or not. Rather than bury the feelings, many creators are choosing to grow and shift their tone in their music. Here are some songs we feel fit the mood this week as we hope for a better year to come.

“Baby Steps,” by Alex Kennedy: Starting us off, this sweet song sums up the anxieties and excitement in becoming a parent. In his debut single, the artist fills us with emotion and vivid imagery in their storytelling lyrics.

“New Echota” by Galapaghost: Discussing the plight of the Trail of Tears, when the Cherokee Native Americans were forced to abandon their homeland in the south and move west, this track is an emotional acoustic track that will leave the soul longing for a renewal and change. The band, New Echota, represents the the capital of the Cherokee Nation in the 1820’s and 1830’s, who were heavily impacted by this shift, altering the culture of the Native Americans forever. Stay tuned for an EP from this artist, which will be released this month.

“Words” by Kara Frazier: With a funky jazzlike sound with both a retro and energetic vibe, that is also enhanced by the fact it was recorded live in studio, you can feel the emotion and power of this single as it relates to the common struggles people share, all while being unafraid of embodying a fun and upbeat sound to keep us on our toes. We recently chatted with Kara over Zoom. Watch our interview here.

“I’ll Be All Right,” by AYGUL: Performed with Russian and English lyrics, this track inspires its audience to focus on inner healing and the inner state of mind. The song’s structure becomes two separate voices trying to calm against the chaos and encourage an introspective mindset to avoid burning out.

“Crown,” by Aloepole: This song longs to inspire hope after a long year. The artist collaborated with an American vocalist and Australian songwriter to create this masterpiece.

“Shadows,” by Jen Janet: “Shadows” creates a time capsule of loneliness and isolation, captured in just the beginning of the lockdown order last year. Her lyrics capture these feelings beautifully in a short few minutes while leaving its audience longing for something other than loneliness and the complexities of simply meeting with someone safely in today’s climate. Read our full review of the track here.

“Nocturnal,” by Elysium: Released on New Year’s Day, the song will take you on a ride to a world of calming and soulful guitar solos.

What song did you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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