The tragic break-up of the ultimate k-pop boyband sensation BTS, has collectively left us with an empty place in our hearts. Since then, we have been aimlessly stumbling through the music universe, searching for a worthy replacement to fill us with the same euphoria and serve addictive pop tunes.

Rejoice for the wait is over! I have found our next big pop-band obsession and they come right here from the U.S.A. Let me introduce your new crush to you: North Star Boys is a 7-member group of Asian-American musicians who are not only incredibly handsome but also hella talented as well as cultural advocates. Each of the boys are from various parts of Asia and are proud to rep their heritage with everything they do.

“Being raised in the Philippines for half of my life, it’s always been important to me to incorporate my roots in everything I do. My family and I came to the US like many other Asians to chase the American Dream. In the music video for SUNSHINE, it was a special moment for me and the boys to shine light on the country I grew up in and inspire my fellow Filipino friends and followers to embrace our culture and not be afraid of being different.”

Regie Macalino

Just look at them!!! *swooon*

Their debut pop/hyper-pop single, “SUNSHINE” is an ode to the hard work you put in for those you love. The celebration of your own little sunshine in your life who inspires you day in and day out.

Caution: the video you’re about to watch is hot af. Danger of falling in love and developing major crushes proceed at your own risk.

Yes, I did replay this song at least three times the first time I heard it. I just can’t help it. The classic boyband charm with the catchy tune is just so addictive. Once you stop drooling over the tank-top-clad hotties, you start noticing all the Filipino cultural easter eggs hidden throughout the video.

The band was founded by the brothers, Oliver Moy and Sebastian Moy with the intention to bring together and cultivate the most influential, creative, and impactful Asian American creators. Based on their current work it’s safe to say that they are doing a great job with this! North Star Boys are definitely a band to keep on your radar as they have the potential to blow up BIG.

Let me know what you think of the boys and if the world is ready for a new BTS. Don’t lose your sunshine, bye!

German/Polish student located in the Bay Area, exploring the US through music and art. Follow me on Insta @nicoleworldtraveller to join me on my adventures!
German/Polish student located in the Bay Area, exploring the US through music and art. Follow me on Insta @nicoleworldtraveller to join me on my adventures!

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