It’s not too often that pop stars have massive success right out of the gate. Even with a helping hand or immense talent, more often than not, artists must pay their dues and work incredibly hard to see a modicum of success within the first few years of their career. Yet for English singer-songwriter Maisie Peters, she has deservedly gained an incredible amount of popularity and momentum since her 2017 debut — exemplified by her latest powerful single that releases today, “Good Enough.”

Though she has officially been a musician since 2017 — after spending time showcasing her talents on YouTube — Peters’ lyricism and musical style found success fairly quickly. She has released two acclaimed EPs, had her songs featured on both the TV series Trying and the film Birds of Prey, supported Niall Horan on his European tour, amassed half a billion global streams and debuted her first album, You Signed Up for This, via Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records. And this month alone, Peters shows no signs of slowing down with the release of two new singles — the infectious “Blonde” and the heart-wrenching “Good Enough.” Though the two tracks are completely different in theme and tone, Peters’ decision to release the two songs so close to one another seemed obvious from the start, as she states:

“‘Blonde’ and ‘Good Enough’ are sister songs to me – they represent the two different sides of my artistry and in a way, myself. One couldn’t exist without the other and I like to think at shows people will scream just as loudly to both. I’m a songwriter first and foremost, and writing both these songs were fundamental, changing moments in my own life – it seemed only right they came out in tandem.”

“Good Enough” is a standard ballad about broken hearts, yet Peters’ channels her inner Taylor Swift lyrically and Lily Allen vocally to create a new take on the topic. With the opening lyrics, “I guess I took it for granted / You’d bury me someday / All the big plans that I planted / While you planned your own escape,” Peters cuts right to the chase about expectation versus reality in a frank way — continued in the theme of love literally lost with lyrics like, “‘Cause I used to think that if I tried my best I’d always win” and “And I thought I was first place / But I was runner-up.” Peters has a gift for being both direct and nuanced in her lyrical storytelling, and her lovely soprano expresses each word as if she’s singing her feelings in real-time. The song is pained yet accepting — and a masterclass in how one sometimes just needs a piano and strong emotions to craft meaningful music.

Already hard at work on the follow-up to her debut album, Maisie Peters just finished her You Signed Up for This Tour, and is about to serve as Ed Sheeran’s supporting act for his + – = ÷ x Tour. After, Maisie will be headlining her ‘i’m telling the whole of america tour.’ In the meantime, you can listen to “Good Enough,” the latest single by Maisie Peters, below!

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