American multi-talented band Why Don’t We have just released their new single called “Just Friends” and to all the people crushing on their bestie who doesn’t want them romantically, we understand your pain. Written by the band via Atlantic Records alongside JKash, Jakob Hazell, Amanda “kiddo” Ibanez and produced by Jack&Coke this new single follows “Let Me Down Easy (Lie)” as Why Don’t We’s second new song in 2022. Both songs are so good and its evident why Why Don’t We is such a popular band.

Why Don’t We made their debut in 2016 and they have over three billion global career streams, over 930 million views on YouTube, over seven million Instagram followers with two RIAA Platinum-certified and has FIVE, yes FIVE RIAA Gold-certified singles. Why Don’t We has two top 20 singles and two top 10 albums. Okay okay, we’re done bragging about all their incredible accomplishments.

Back to “Just Friends” the band has been teasing fans since April by releasing a small snippet on their official YouTube channel. Supporters were freaking out in the comments expressing their excitement and love for the band. The video featured the very beginning of the song along with content the band had filmed on their way to Coachella. Just a few days later the band dropped a pre-save link so fans can be ready to have it in their music libraries the moment it drops. Their followers asked and they certainly delivered.” Just Friends” is that song you want to blast really loudly while dancing with your friends in the middle of an open field surrounded by strangers. In fact the video does have the boys on a very green mountain trail looking super handsome. Why would anyone want to be just friends with boys that good looking.

The song is a MUST to have on your playlist with its fun upbeat vibes and catchy lyrics, you’ll be singing this all day long and we promise we won’t judge you. We’ll even help you out with the learning the lyrics.

Baby, don’t you say that we’re just friends

When you know we could be lovers instead

Wanna give you a night you’ll never forget

Do the things we never did

Just Friends- Why Don’t We

Now what are you waiting for, pick up your phone download the song and enjoy sitting out in the sun with a nice cool drink in your hand dreaming about the person you wish you could be more than friends with.

Available on Spotify YouTube Music Pandora and Apple Music

ToniAnn Romeo Author
Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_
ToniAnn Romeo Author
Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_


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