While there is no shortage of new styles and diverse sounds in today’s musical landscape, it’s sometimes hard to discover artists that truly mix-and-match genres so that what they create sounds like nothing before. There’s only so many combinations of styles with which one can play around, but even those with the most eclectic music collections strive for something that is wholly unique and captivating. Now, R&B solo artist Milla Thyme has provided such a song with his refreshing and meditative, “Exaltation.”

To say Canadian-born Mille Thyme is an anomaly among current R&B artists would be to undersell him. Not only is he a producer, composer and bassist who happens to rap incredibly well, he also has an uncanny, amazing gift to find the best possible way to combine seemingly unrelated genres into a sound that is completely new. This is especially apparent on “Exaltation,” which — along with the excellent production work by Grammy-nominated producer Jonny Tobin — takes listeners on a vibe-filled trek, making them feel motivated to take on the world. In Milla Thyme’s own words, he calls the song a:

“Sonic journey into the transformations I have undergone in my own personal life.”

It’s no wonder then that Milla Thyme’s opening verse for “Exaltation” starts with, “This is ascension / What it looks like to receive your blessing / Every transgression is a lesson / Mind, body, soul align with the plan that’s transmittin’ the message.” With its incredibly slick baseline, electronica-meets-freeform-jazz arrangement, gospel-tinged female vocals of “Exaltation!” and retro synthesizers that sound absolutely timeless, the track is an ebullient and upbeat look at how far one has come. It’s a song about rising to the top and all the positive emotions that such a feat brings, playing perfectly into the dual meanings of “Exaltation.” Yet Milla Thyme is also very aware that, “I had to die / To be reborn” — remarking on how, while there is sacrifice to get where one wants to go, it is always worth it in the end.

Rightfully so, Milla Thyme has made a name for himself alongside his inspirations like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, whose infectious yet smooth songs also embody a multitude of genres and styles. With “Exaltation,” Mille Thyme positions himself to rise even higher to his already exalted status in the R&B and hip-hop world.

Milla Thyme’s 2021 debut album, Everything Has Its Thyme, landed him on that year’s Complex Canada’s “11 Rising Black Canadian Artists You Should Know.” He has also had his music recently appear on Top Ten Hip-Hop Charts 2022. More information on his upcoming music ventures this year are forthcoming — in the meantime, take a listen to “Exaltation” below!

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