Not to choose favorites, but Justy is the coolest indie artist I’ve discovered in recent years. She actually found us and submitted her song “Cool” to us, which I reviewed for the site. Thus, our creative relationship began, supporting each other from afar since that first article. I planned an entire east coast round of Quarantine Tapes in New York City just so that we could collaborate in person. That being said, I am truly honored to share this episode with you all. It means a lot to me; we really set some vibes that day out in Staten Island. Without further ado, here is Justy’s Quarantine Tapes, featuring singles from her first ever full length album!

Staten Island indie jazz-hop artist Justy | Quarantine Tapes x Glasse Factory

This performance has the aura of a cafe patio in Tuscany on a summer evening, complete with lo-fi jazz music filling the air. Her raw lyrics flow like water over smooth instrumental tracks, forging a soulful dynamic place in the r&b realm. Justy is down to earth with a beautiful mind, evident in her mission of spreading the gift of self-love. Through her music she has honest conversations with herself and the people she’s close with. As an artist, Justy encourages people to tap into that deep inner love, so that we can all walk in peace and in truth. She does so with a way-too-cool-for-school vibe; don’t take my word for it, just watch this episode or listen to her music and check out her socials! You’ll be impressed with what you see.

The second track Justy performed here, “Rinse, Repeat, Regress,” which I also reviewed, is such an iconic love song about loving yourself. The way she has such a candid conversation with herself in a poetic, lyrical flow is an inspiration to anyone else struggling with similar life obstacles. Look in the mirror and take care of that person you see! Her diary style lyrics feel like home, so anything she sings to herself can be relatable to anybody listening.

After a long slew of entertaining album promo, including an extended version of her music video for “Rinse, Repeat, Regress,” where she hosts her own version of The Bachelorette, her long anticipated fully length album Pain With Benefits is finally out in its entirety! Stay tuned for a full album review coming soon. In the meantime, listen to it on Spotify and check out Justy‘s website to peruse her lovely merch!

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