That’s A Wrap! It has been an honor and a pleasure conducting this series throughout covid. What started as a seedling of an idea back at the beginning of lockdowns, has transformed into a 27 episode stint of exclusive interviews and stripped performances with an incredibly talented and widely diverse collection of up-and-coming artists across the U.S. 

Since our last issue, we released the third episode of the New York tapes, featuring industrial pop artist Lye Marlow in Brooklyn. She curated a guest artist playlist on our Spotify to pair with her tape, sharing with us all the bops that lift her up during her spin workouts. 

My friend and coworker Helana hopped in to put together a round of Bay Area tapes, taking almost a year to complete between the three artists due to the crazy and unpredictable tribulations of covid. She was so proud to share some of her favorie local Sacramento gems on the Quarantine Tapes project, including solo rock project Jen Janet, soulful pop ballad singer Samantha Margret, and the boys of post-hardcore band Aquageist

It was my first time ever travelling the east coast when I ventured out to coordinate the New York and Philly tapes. Rapper Petty Bravo joined me first in Philly, then we met up with a classic midwestern punk rock band, Semblance, at their studio for a grungy garage performance. I reconnected with a good friend of mine, for my favorite episode to date, the talented mallet player and experimental electronic artist Jello Vibes, who also contributed an awesome playlist of his favorite jams.

Finally wrapping up back where it all started in St. Louis, and after more than a year between recording the three tapes which compose the second round for this city, we have folk Americana singer-songwriter Hillary Fitz and lyrical poet Just Rich. Stay tuned for the finale episode of Quarantine Tapes!

This article is featured in 4th issue December issue of our magazine, which you can subscribe to via our Patreon. Make sure to grab a copy for you and a friend; there’s lots of fresh and unique content within its pages. Cheers!

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