Quarantine Tapes

Quarantine Tapes: with Petty Bravo in Philly

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R&B rapper Petty Bravo gave us a warm welcome to Philly as the first stop of Quarantine Tapes in The City of Brotherly Love! We met up at his university’s recording studio to lay down a short session and interview. We had a blast getting to know each other and letting loose after a long year of the pandemic with things finally starting to open back up a bit. We hope you enjoy this episode of Quarantine Tapes with Petty Bravo!

Upon arriving in Philly for the next installment of Quarantine Tapes, we met up with Petty Bravo first at a recording studio for the students at Drexel University to use. The facilities were so nice and cozy, perfect for an intimate setting such as Quarantine Tapes. Petty Bravo and his lovely manager Charlotte greeted us with smiles and big energy for the day. The studio they pulled us into had all the instruments and props we could possibly need for a creative photo shoot and vibey performance set.

Originally we planned for Petty Bravo to play two tracks, “Messy” and “Friends,” but unfortunately we lost the Friends audio in the abyss. We split up “Messy” into two parts to feature its b-side “You Good?” and it worked out a-okay. You should still definitely check out his song Friends, as its a super candid diary-style track about letting a good friendship become something more than it ever should have and then almost ruining said friendship, a qualm we can all relate to, I’m sure.

Petty Bravo’s openness to the session was so refreshing! We had some really cool conversations about his writing process and what making music is really all about. The photos here showcase his cool and goofy personality and hopefully translate how much fun we all had together! Enjoy the performance and interview, because we really enjoyed creating this for you all!

Be sure to stay up to date with Petty Bravo’s works on Spotify, and stay tuned forthe rest of the Philly tapes coming soon!

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