Des Rocs has been rising in the world of rock and roll, especially since his latest EP release, This Is Our Life. The fourth generation New York native has been bending the boundaries of what we define as rock music today as he emphasizes the resurrection of the “roll” part of “rock and roll.”

Hugely inspired by Elvis, Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, and Jimi Hendrix, it’s no wonder Danny’s life embodies that of a true up and coming rockstar; when he writes his music, he never forces it into creation and just lets it form seemingly on its own. In Des Rocs’s first couple of years, they’ve opened for The Struts, Muse, and The Rolling Stones. Recently, Des Rocs announced their first ever headlining tour, which is sure to pack the venues tight to witness the unique sound that is this project.

Beginning in 2018, Des Rocs embraces the ambiguity in music all while striving for a message that can inspire any audience. His ear for blending gritty old fashioned rock, old soul, and R&B can be heard in his works. With Des Rocs’s new vision of rock and roll, his work is energetic, gritty, and reminds us that the genre is very much alive and well. Just as it rocks heavy, it blends easily into multiple genres, all while chronicling struggles that are both personal to Des and likely shared by many others.

The face and vocals behind Des Rocs, Danny, shares his next offering toward his highly anticipated next full-length album, a single titled “MMC,” short for Mickey Mouse Club.

Beginning with a captivating hook of electric guitar riffs, heavy bass, and the unique falsetto in Danny’s vocals. Blending the electric energy it holds with concepts of the “plastic and manipulated” fronts normalized in pop culture. Des Rocs’s message is a rebellion for the fake and calls out for authenticity. And what’s most unique about Des Rocs is the multiple interpretations that can be made from each individual single. This track is no exception to this; and it’s laced with many meanings made for any audience to get their own feelings from it. Whereas it has this message that stands out most, it can be said that there is a much different meaning lying underneath. And that is where the magic is found in listening to Des Rocs.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Des Rocs. His next full-length album, A Real Good Person In A Real Bad Place, will be released on September 24th via 300 Entertainment. Check out the official video experience below:

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