WILLOW Doesn’t Hold Back In Her Latest Album, <COPINGMECHANISM>

Fresh from the hype of her 2021 lately I feel EVERYTHING and The Anxiety album, WILLOW shares her latest project, <COPINGMECHANISM>, an 11-track album possessing proof that the singer is thriving in the pop-punk world.

Between <COPINGMECHANISM> and lately I feel EVERYTHING, the “Meet Me At Our Spot” songstress dropped a series of single collaborations, including “Memories” with Yungblud” and “Purge” featuring Siiickbrain and “psychofreak” with Camila Cabello. She even teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly on the hit single, “emo girl.”

” it’s my fault” opens the album and features WILLOW’s silk-like vocals bouncing back and forth from smooth to grungey. “Falling Endlessly” is a hypnotic tune with powerful dynamics and infectious harmonies. “curious/furious” has a chill indie pop start before WILLOW drives us to the energetic chorus, containing fierce vocals and impactful lyrics.

“Getting over it now/and I never wear a frown/Because life doesn’t choose either side/win or lose / right or wrong it’s a battle that’s all in your mind.”

WILLOW turns towards a sadder topic of isolation and sadness in the track, “WHY?” The dynamics in the vocals and instrumentals for the song gives that sense of confusion and exemplify what it’s like to have conflicting thoughts. WILLOW phenomenally displayed a sad mind dealing with complex emotions and thoughts.
“<COPINGMECHANISM>” voices the thoughts of many who either want a way out of their struggles or a coping mechanism to help them manage.

“Split” is a powerful piece with incredible vocal harmonies and thrashing instrumentals. Towards the 2:30 mark, WILLOW jerks the listener’s soul when she sings “I never” with the harmonies behind her. It’s one of the most beautiful tracks on the album.

“hover like GODDESS” would resonate with the younger generation’s outlook on dating. It’s about being in love with someone just from looking at them and wanting to “meet” “inside the bathroom” or bedroom. That’s dating in 2022 for you!

“ur a <stranger>” has a angrier sound since it’s a breakup piece about losing someone and treating and seeing that person as a stranger to help cope with the fact that they’re gone.

“Perfectly Not Close To Me” features Yves Turner and has complex instrumentation. While it wouldn’t be the most liked track, it does have a decent sound.

“No Control” is about losing control physically and mentally. It’s appreciative that WILLOW added haunting backing vocals to match the feeling of constantly being haunted by thoughts despite multiple attempts from those around trying to save you.

“BATSHIT!” is the tune many still active in the dating game can relate to. WILLOW talks about what it’s like to date someone who continues to play games. It may be cute, yet their actions and words don’t match the other person’s goal of having a serious relationship.

After listening to each song on the album, it’s evident why WILLOW thought to name her album <COPINGMECHANISM>. Many people go through hardships, and sometimes, a coping mechanism is needed to push through. It’s unique that she used the “greater than” and “lesser than” symbols (HTML symbols) in the title and song, which are used in programming to get the action in between the symbols to perform. And it seems as though the title suggests that the singer is programming herself to have a coping mechanism.

Overall, the album is fantastic and sounds different than her other projects. WILLOW succeeded in connecting with her younger audience, writing about issues many a part of the younger generations could relate to.

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Taylor Berry Author
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