Sporting fresh hair and a baggy band tee, WILLOW launched through her performance in Seattle on Tuesday night, September 21, and entertained the rowdy crowd of the historic Showbox.

Located just across the street from Pike Place Market, The Showbox has held performances within its walls for nearly a hundred years. Founded in 1939, it thrived through the Jazz and Grunge eras and has stood proud through the test of time and seemingly inevitable result of being torn down and replaced by over-priced apartment buildings. After a series of legal fights and celebrities sharing their support for the venue, the building has been offered up for purchase by the Historic Seattle Group and Seattle Theatre Group out of the hopes of saving the venue. The partnership would retain AEG as the operating tenant through at least 2024.

WILLOW’s brand new album, lately I feel EVERYTHING, has reached critical acclaim, one of the songs of which blew up on social media platforms. The album shared a beautiful depiction in her journey through self discovery, in finding love and peace. Read our album review here.

Supporting talented artists, Dani, Tyler Cole, and We Don’t Ride Llamas, the night included musicians that knew how to start out the night in a way that both built anticipations for the headliner and sated the appetite of the crowd longing for a sense of unity and the experience of live music again.

And WILLOW joined the stage as the headliner, just as fans in the sold-out crowd began to chant for her. She put out a freshly lit joint before beginning to play. Her guitar glimmered under the stage lights as the fans met her with an unmatched level of energy. The venue rocked along with everyone within, the floors moving under their weight as they jumped and danced to her and her band’s beats. It was impossible to stay still in the sidelines as her presence radiated throughout the crowd.

Her performance offered affirmation, confirmation to the fans as she called out to them to accept and love themselves and to love others. While singing of distress, growing pains, fear, anxiety, and love, WILLOW encouraged everyone in the venue with her kind words and talent.

Stay tuned for more updates about WILLOW! Stream the new album below.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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