WILLOW Releases New EP “WILLOW: Live At Electric Lady” with Spotify 

Alternative artist WILLOW returns with an electrifying new EP: WILLOW: Live At Electric Lady.

The five-track EP was released on April 7th with Spotify and Electric Lady Studios. WILLOW recorded new versions of songs from her latest album <COPINGMECHANISM>, along with a creative mashup. 

The Live at Electric Lady series — which is Spotify-exclusive — hosts various artists to reimagine their own songs and cover others. WILLOW joins musicians like Remi Wolf, Father John Misty, and MUNA in the series, now with her own unique EP. 

First on the EP is“<maybe> it’s my fault.” Based on her own “maybe it’s my fault,” the opening track amps up WILLOW’s edgy tone even more so than the original. With heavy electric guitar and almost palpable emotion as she belts, “I don’t know how I can forgive you,” WILLOW contemplates who is at fault for the pain she feels. The rock song ends, building up to her screaming, “maybe it’s my fault,” surely sending shivers down fans’ spines. 

“curious/furious” starts off softer than the prior track. WILLOW gently sings until the song crescendos before settling into a faster pace. Contemplating what it means to grow and heal, WILLOW wisely says no matter what happens, “It’s a battle that’s all in your mind.” 

And I’m takin’ this adventure on my own 

Walkin’ through a darkened forest goin’ home 

Curious, furious

I feel alone, oh oh oh

~ “curious/furious”

“ur a <stranger>” starts off strong and masterfully balances heavy riffs and angsty tone with gentler harmonies. The maddening emotions that come with a breakup dominate the song as WILLOW sings that she can’t breathe. 

The classic “hover like a GODDESS” manages to top itself in this live rendition, deepening WILLOW’s signature sound as she belts “I’ll never be fine if you won’t be mine” about a woman she is captivated by. 

On “Bag Lady / Split,” WILLOW mashes up singer-songwriter Erykah Badu’s hit single “Bag Lady” with her own “Split” for a distinctive new concept, velvety smooth and slower than the other four tracks. 

For me, Erykah Badu has been a symbol of grace and pure artistic expression for as long as I can remember, to be able to combine our musical vibes and create something new is such a gift.


The new EP only adds to WILLOW’s recent success. Her 2022 album <COPINGMECHANISM> received critical acclaim, and 2021’s lately I feel EVERYTHING made big pop-punk waves alongside features like Travis Barker and Avril Lavigne. It’s no surprise she was nominated for the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards’ “Best Alternative Artist.” She also solidified her standing in the music industry by making her way onto Billboard’s 2021 21 Under 21 and Forbes’s 2021 30 Under 30 lists. 

We loved <COPINGMECHANISM>, so of course WILLOW: Live At Electric Lady feels like a treat, building upon the singer’s impressive discography. 

What’s next for Willow is that she will perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 16th and 23rd. She’ll also perform April 19th with Yves Tumor in Pomona, CA and later at August’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival.  

karapeeler Author
Hello! I’m a journalist at Northwestern University, and I love writing about all things arts & entertainment. Keep up with my work on Twitter @karapeeler.
karapeeler Author
Hello! I’m a journalist at Northwestern University, and I love writing about all things arts & entertainment. Keep up with my work on Twitter @karapeeler.

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