Taking “One More Step” in Joe Hick’s Journey of Escaping Uncertainties

Today, Joe Hicks shared his newest single “One More Step,” the second instalment from his upcoming debut album. It is a double A-side single paired with “Make It Home,” another release also published today.

Raised in the rural market town of Newbury, Hicks blends pop, blues and folk influences, combining intricate guitar composition with classic pop song-craft. Having made a name for himself as a session guitarist, he released his first solo single at the start of 2017, and soon after made ‘BBC Introducing Artist of the Week,’ where he received extensive radio play across the U.K. Since then, he’s built up a sizable following of three million Spotify streams, which will surely grow with the addition of these tracks.

“One More Step” is available to listen on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Photo Credit: @day__2106

The track is the pinnacle of an earworm, fully equipped with a driving bass and palatable cadences a plenty. Even on the first listen, the song encourages you to sing along, as its upbeat patterns and enjoyable composition make it extremely difficult not to. For its meaning, it carries the frustration at not being able to do much over the past couple of years, especially in the career of music, where live performances are crucial in an artist’s ability to share their heart and soul. When nearing two minutes, “One More Step” transitions into a beautiful and soothing vocal performance of melancholic high notes, filled with an emotion of longing, wanting to go to a place where everything is certain. The transitions to each section are seamless, and only get more impressive on the second or third listen. Through and through, the artistry here shown by Hicks is a certified good time, and deserves every second of your unwavering attention.

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