New Mindsets Garner New Sounds in Jaenna Cali’s Message of Self-Respect

Released today, “I’m so done” is Jaenna Cali’s first upbeat pop song of summer 2022. This follows her previous singles “Simply You” and “Standing By,” which sang about self-love and self-worth. Now, with her third release, she sings of self-respect, and what it means to protect your peace.

Cali is a Filipino-Canadian singer/songwriter, actress, and producer. She seeks to promote self-care, love, creativity, and personal growth through her sweet pop melodies and incredibly genuine lyrics. Her sound is influenced by Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld, Kina Grannis, and Tori Kelly. Overall, the goal is to be a role model that inspires the next generation, one that advocates for body positivity and mental health.

“i’m so done” is available worldwide through Spotify.

The song is a must-listen for those who agree on how important self-love is. The unique electronic instrumentals are the perfect fit to Cali’s meaningful lyrics, uplifting her voice as she speaks on how it is no one’s job to be constantly pleasing to others. She recognizes that this can take a long time, and a lot of unlearning needs to be done when deciding to put yourself first. Notably, in the song there is a complete mood change at the minute mark, transitioning to a much more celebratory and upbeat sound, highlighting the happiness that self-respect brought her. It’s always an absolute treat to witness the triumphs of personal growth, and all props go to Cali on allowing us to experience this victorious moment with her.

Jaenna Cali can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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