Fading Memories and Blossoming Happiness in Joe Hicks’ “Out Of My Mind”

Continually rising pop artist Joe Hicks RETURNS with another fantastic single released today. Titled “Out Of My Mind,” the release is a heartbreak song wrapped in upbeat sunny chords. It follows last May’s “One More Step” (reviewed here), and has been revealed to rest in Hick’s upcoming and finally named debut album The Best I Could Do At The Time, releasing on September 23rd. Truly, it’s an exciting time for fans of Hick’s releases, and there’s no doubt about it that “Out Of My Mind” just cements this excitement even further.

On the production of “Out Of My Mind,” Hicks said as such:

“There’s a tendency for major key ideas like this to end up too sickly sweet and ultimately ditched, but this time around that didn’t materialize. I think the trick was keeping the production very organic, as well as including some negative aspects of the narrative to contrast with the musical feel. Lyrically, it’s about the optimism of finally getting over someone, being able to look back at the arc of the relationship knowing you’ve left it behind and then ride off into the sunset with a brand new outlook on life.”

Cover art

This single has flowery and summer vibes written all over it, however, it’s also the perfect example of a juxtaposition between a song’s sound and message. With a gorgeously plucked riff, “Out Of My Mind” takes your expectations of the song and flips it on its head, first speaking of happy times spent with the one you adore, to how you were ultimately let down, wanting nothing more than their memory to quickly fade away. It covers how incredibly painful this experience is, but as everyone is aware, the fading does begin once time passes. The description of relief that overcoming these depressing periods brings beautifully closes out the track, leaving a happy and hopeful statement that heartbreak is able to be overcome with enough time and perseverance. Prevailing in your own life is necessary, even if it must be done without that special someone.

“Out Of My Mind” is now available on Spotify, and more from Joe Hicks can be found on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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