Have you heard “Hey” by Flora?

Photo Credits: Austin Walsh

Creating music in the same vein as Clairo, Broadcast, and Soccer Mommy with singles such as “Violets are Blue,” Flora is back with her new single “Hey.” At only 1:23 in length, here is what you need to know about this creative little tune.

I saw you

at the store

you walked away

are we ok?

“Hey” lyrics – Flora

In a musical landscape where songs about friendship typically end in romance, it was refreshing to see Flora’s take on the subject matter. Rather than dwell on befriending a significant other, the main character in the narrative expresses anxieties about obtaining and keeping a friendship. Short and sweet, this lyrical delivery stays true to real situations in high school, where the want for a boyfriend or girlfriend may not be as true or pressing for someone who is lonely and insecure. Overall, the sting of rejection can be painful for anyone, even when the person you want in life is there, simply platonically.

Photo Credits: Austin Walsh

Sonically, the song follows a simple yet effective progression that is both easy-going and infectiously catchy. Beginning with a piano ballad psyche-out, the music gradually evolves from just bass, a drum machine, and vocals to the addition of arpeggiated guitar, horns, and a multitude of nuanced intricacies. Heard in both the first verse and chorus, Flora’s nonchalant singing complements video game sound samples hidden underneath the mix, which, in turn, provides layers to the deceivingly “simple” track.

Photo Credits: Austin Walsh

An amazing interlude is also found at the 0:32 marker, conglomerating rhythm guitar, a shaker, synth, and brass section orchestrated by Dave Gnojek. Highlighting the latter instrument, rather than make a cameo and leave, Gnojek’s horns subtly mimic Flora’s vocal melody in the second chorus, making the already vibrant production even more colorful. Before the abrupt yet flawlessly executed ending comes to fruition, we, the audience, are treated to a crescendo of instrumentation guided by a finale of “Hey’s.”

Video Credit: Flora From Kansas Official YouTube Channel

Providing songwriting as captivating and unique as the Pixies single with the same name, you can find Flora’s “Hey” here. For more music-related news, stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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