It’s 2022 and according to the Chinese Zodiac this is the year of the tiger. Just like said animal, Royal & the Serpent greats this year with a loud roar with her single Phuckboi Rejects. Released last January 7th, this single is sure to bang your sorrows away into the stratosphere with its upbeat and relatable lyrics. Danceable, hummable, and tremendously catchy, this offering from this Jersey born songstress will leave you asking what a “phuckboi reject” really means.

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Traditionally the word “phuckboi” has negative connotations but in this banger (pun intended) it shows that when attraction comes a knockin. All the inhibitions and reasoning are all thrown out the window. Royal & the Serpent said it best when she sings the words “F*** boys, stand up”.

I’m ready for another one.”. Sure, it may sound cute at first glance, but if you come to think of it there lies the sad reality that these types of guys don’t last long. Reject or not, they fade away like that shooting star you see at night on rare occasions. Though that may be the case, they’re those types you can’t escape easily. They’re a real personification of drugs and after every session would leave you empty. To use the song’s own lyrics being in the arms of these type of people will end up with you being a “twisted bitch.”.

Image Courtesy of Celeb Mix

When it comes to the video itself, it gives an accurate representation of what it feels like to be involved with these so called “Phuckboi rejects”. It feels like being in a mental institution, it’s inescapable and will slowly break you down the longer you indulge. Scary right? But when you’re immune to the pain just like what Royal & the Serpent portrays in her mv, it could get pretty addicting like “Manic panic, coke and xanax”. The astounding thing here is that you see her breakdown even further as the song progresses. She changes quickly from calm to unhinged as she describes her predicament. Mind you the song’s run time is 2 minutes and 14 and for someone to go bonkers in that short span just says a lot about someone’s mental state at that time. Yikes!

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Dissecting the video further, we prominently see the color white. While this is a typical color when speaking of asylums especially in popular media, this over abundance of white could also signify that white flag being waved. A statement saying that it might be too late because they’ve already surrendered to insanity. No turning back, and the harrowing thing here is what we’re currently seeing in the video is just one of her good days so to speak.

The song and the video itself is an extreme representation of what love feels like, moreover if you fall headfirst for the wrong type of people. A reminder that the idea of love is catchy just like this tune and could easily turn into a nightmare if you give your love to the wrong person or type of persons in this situation. So beware, to love is a great feeling no doubt but it has a dark side too so thread carefully. Whether it be online or in real life it all applies.

Based on this song alone, it is obvious that Royal & the Serpents isn’t your typical music act. She’s one of those once in a lifetime superstar, who just knows how to draw you in at first listen. As absurd as the topic might seem, she’s got that charm to pull you in closer. She takes command of the screen, or stage and urges you to drop what you’re doing and just listen. Then there is her ability (could be her superpower), to entice you to loop the song for days on end.

The runway for this virtuoso from Jersey is set, she’s ready for takeoff so watch out! With her growing catalog of hits, and tours like the one with grandson this February. This year might be the start of something special for her and fans all over.

Want to learn more about Royal & the Serpent? Feel free to visit the official website, YouTube channel, and Instagram for new music releases, tour dates, merch and the like.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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