After an eventful three-year hiatus, Nashville R&B artist, Zyyn has returned yet again with his new single “no pain”. Differing from the usual lyrical themes found in tracks such as “Comfortable” and “Situations”, the artist’s latest track presents an evolved songwriter who has changed emotionally and artistically. Strikingly profound, in this review, we’ll dissect what makes this iteration of Zyyn truly tick.

It’s been a long journey since my last release a little over 3 years ago… I found love, i lost it. I beat vices, i gained new ones. I gained new friends, and lost ones i’d had forever… I had some living to do and i’ve had a really great time and i’m going to keep having a great time… The industry has gone in a very short form/attention grabby way since my last release and that’s all fine and well but i think i’m just going to focus on the music for awhile – giving what I can at the highest level.


Starting with a technique first used by the Beatles in When I’m Only Sleeping, Zyyn reverses the guitar and vocal work to add ambiance into the intro. Transitioning into the verse at 0:14, we get a glimpse of the guitar riff that will carry the song forward. Somber and gentle, this riff beautifully accompanies Zyyn’s R&B vocals and soothes the audience throughout the listen.

Lyrically complex, the artist divulges anguish at the thought of his significant other leaving him. Rather than recognize his relationship is doomed, the protagonist sits comfortably numb with his emotions and would prefer to feel “no pain.” Sonically, these lyrics translate well through Zyyn’s passionate singing and the alterations given to the single’s vocal work. These alterations include an octave effect that deepens the backup vocals and provides a much-needed low-end to the mix.

Finally, The vocal switch up at the 1:30 mark evokes a certain calmness to the listener, partly due to the slower tempo change. This ending adds variation to the song and is a perfect way to encapsulate an emotive end.

In summary, Zyyn’s new sound provides insight on a new and improved artist. As amazing as he was before, it will be incredible to see what is to come. For more Zyyn news, be sure to follow Glasse Factory for the latest scoop.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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