Australia-born now Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Kito has recently released Blossom, an EP focusing on her past and telling the tales of experienced love and loss. In this work, Kito fully emerges into the genre of pop, and makes it her own with personal memories and heartfelt statements. Blossom is her fourth EP, and was brought to life with her expertise and the additional touch of many guest artists.

“The word ‘blossom’ just kept coming back to me. It feels like the most female-energy music I’ve done. My goal as a producer is to keep working with amazing artists and push myself. I want to grow.”

~ Kito

“Always Been You” starts the EP off with an incredibly fun and catchy start. The lyrics and instrumental sound bounce together in a combined unison as Kito relays her enthusiasm of a love that can never be broken. The chorus brings all of these feelings together perfectly with its beginning line, “after all we’ve been through, I guess it’s always been you.”

“Recap (with VanJess and Channel Tres)” features a visualizer directed by Sean Hollihan, and shows off an abundance of excellent transitional work that plays throughout the sound of the song itself. “Recap” speaks of bringing back someone into your world, and in a slightly controversial manner, calls it a ‘relapse.’

“Skin And Bones (ft. Winona Oak)” contains the silky smooth euphoria of holding someone close. It relishes in the feeling of never letting someone go, as Kito states, “everywhere I go, I think of you.”

“Locked On You (ft. BROODS)” is mesmerizing in its sound and message. Taking a more solemn approach in viewing a relationship, the track shows off the begging of someone to stay, and the unsettling emotions that can sprout in moments desperation.

“Steal My Clothes (ft. Bea Miller)” has a visualizer directed by Gina Gizella Manning that displays the frustration of being in a relationship where you’re knowingly being taken advantage of. Kito gives the track a smooth sound, and sprinkles its core with hints of anger and longing. It’s the perfect anthem to describe what it feels like when saying ‘no’ is just too much trouble to bear with.

“Tongue Tied (ft. Terror Jr)” paints a picture of smoking into the night with your favorite person. Sharing thoughtful conversations and connecting more from them can be a quick way to grow ever closer, to one another and Kito proves the truth of this with “Tongue Tied” perfectly.

“Follow (with ZHU and Jeremih)” is directed by Danica Arias Kleinknecht and relays the message of whole-heartedly putting your trust in someone, and following in their footsteps no matter what. The track has an addictive sound that has to be listen to at least two or three times to be appreciated in its whole (its just that good.)

Blossom displays Kito’s full capabilities as an artist in all of it’s full glory. The EP is also available on Spotify, and can be added to your library here:

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