Royal & The Serpent Performs with grandson & Oxymorrons in Downtown Seattle’s “The Crocodile”

It’s always a pleasure to witness the unique energy of Royal & The Serpent, a dual personality that is equally a part of musician, Ryan Santiago that shows all things sweet and not-so-sweet in her world. She equally identifies as a “sweet sunshine angel” (i.e., the Royal persona) and a “freaky devil maniac” (the Serpent).

Shortly after completing a tour with PVRIS, she is soon to make appearances in various festivals, including the sold out When We Were Young festival, and the recently announced Aftershock lineup. In the meantime, she is hitting dates all over the United States in partnership with grandson’s “Death of a Tour,” alongside rising rap-rock group, Oxymorrons.

We joined with the three artists on Wednesday, March 2nd in Seattle’s new location of The Crocodile. Fans crowded in tight from the beginning to witness the performers as closely as they possibly could.

Oxymorrons began the evening with a frenzied energy that ignited the crowd. Their big time presence made us feel very lucky to experience their performance before they will ultimately explode in popularity. Blending rock and rap, their sound is a perfect marriage of hardcore catharsis that many have been craving to hear but have yet to witness much of in the mainstream.

We grew up listening to both rock and rap music, so we married that s**t together, y’all.

~ Oxymorrons

Royal & The Serpent performed next; showcasing a new band of her own. Her partner played the bass, grinning and eyeing her with a loving gaze. In its entirety, Royal & the Serpent shared her dual personality and persona that night. Among fans, she exchanged both crazed looks into their eyes before crawling up close and screaming in their faces… and the next moment, she’d gently hold hands and sing gently to them all. Her audience followed in her lead, all in awe and amazement in her effortless movement.

In the middle of her performance, she shared upcoming track, “Happier in Hell.” Highly anticipated on social media, the demos exploded on her TikTok and Instagram platforms. The performance itself was so tangibly emotional the crowd teared up, as did she… she openly expressed her emotions for all to hold close and dear and express along with her.

“I’m sorry if you can relate,” she shared, before letting out a pained sigh.

Photos: Helana Michelle

Grandson’s energetic crowd leaned in close the moment he entered the stage. He shared an ease in his movement that offered a release in his powerful lyrics.

The Death of A Tour will be continuing throughout the month of March, and all throughout the summer! Get your tickets here,

Stream Royal & The Serpent’s newest EP, available on all listening platforms:

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