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Quarantine Tapes: in the Bay Area with Samantha Margret

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Samantha Margret is a songwriter, artist, and producer based in the Bay Area. Raised on an eclectic mix of country lullabies, folk songs, and radio pop, Samantha’s music seeks creativity, originality, and sometimes even a good giggle. Her soulful ballads convey the power of the female voice, and tell stories about mental health and acceptance, and her up-tempo pop songs are not afraid of a good time.

Born and raised in the famed city of San Francisco, Samantha now resides within the confines of a quarantine studio and living space, where we met atop the hills with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge itself. Up the winding steps are a full 360-degree view of the neighborhood, and in the distance, on the horizon, the Bay glimmered in the sunlight rather than being hidden from the usual morning fog and cloud pouring in from the Pacific Ocean.

And there we chatted about life in lockdown, where Samantha states that everything she took in throughout the media impacted her at first, and she took the time to filter what she saw to seek out inspiration rather than fear of the unknown. Sunlight poured in gently as the breeze swayed the hanging curtains and cooled the space around us.

We wandered downstairs to the backyard garden space for photos, where we further chatted about the vulnerabilities of her new acoustic hits, “Mine,” and “Negative Space.” Both singles were earlier performed for our recording, and we took our time to pose with her inspired Old Hollywood sense of style and glamour as the warmth gently embraced our skin. It was in talking about the vulnerability that we felt more connected, and where she admitted that her audience too felt more connected to her. Though she enjoys blending the vulnerable acoustic elements with her unique bops, such as “Cucumber Summer,” the third song from her performance, it’s okay to be both: two separate niches that blend under once concept– the development of self awareness and Samantha’s journey through life and mental health.

Watch the full interview below:

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