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“Flying To The Sun,” by Flowerchild: This Copenhagen-based alternative rock project was founded by the two musicians Joseph Tranæs Driffield and Lucas Delacroix under 2020’s strange and viral shadow. It’s made as a musical refuge and playground free of the creative ties and set directions of former projects. 

Before the band was formed and moving to Copenhagen, Joseph had been active in the british indie rock band Concrete Caverns and had his first taste of blossoming success with the EP, Open Your Minds, that netted the upcoming band spot plays and rotation on BBC6 as well as concerts all around Britain. Lucas had been touring and recording on the Buenos Aires alternative rock scene as both a musician, sound tech and producer with the projects Eruca Sativa, Parteplaneta and Marilina Bertoldi. Working with Marilina Bertoldi and her band when they played support for bands like The Foo Fighters and Queens of The Stone Age. The band just released their next EP, Flying To The Sun. This track was the first to be launched from the release, in pairing with a psychedelic and nostalgic music video, made from clips of old Soviet Union fairytale and sci-fi cartoons, edited into a new narrative that weaves the pictures together with the music and lyrics. It’s a glorious example of Flowerchild distinct style – a melancholic tune about a relationship, never-to-be, with a backdrop of soaring guitar and vocal arrangements, garage-drums and a soothing hooky melody. 

It could be summed up in two words – bitter sweet. Lyrically this song evolved into the story of an unrequited love interest. We tried to capture the purity of a kind of love that is unconditional for a limited amount of time before these so-called budding ‘flowers of love’ get ‘turned into wine’ through continuous rejection and eventual stagnation. In the redemption of the chorus we learn how the protagonist relentlessly burns himself, in true Icarus fashion, with a more general allusion to the kind of toxic relationships we have all found ourselves in at one point or another.

~ Flowerchild

“She Knew My Sister,” by Breezy Love: This Chicago based singer-songwriter has been catching wind over the years through her deeply personal and intuitive songs. Theatrical in energy, cleverly positive, these raw and honest additions to her sound create a unique approach to songwriting. Aiming to reveal overlooked truths in modern society, the works she’s released thus far emphasize shedding light on social issues and portray the magic in everyday-average experiences. At nineteen, Breezy has earned accolades from several prestigious songwriting competitions, both nationally and internationally. Her debut album was recently released, and along with it, a string of beautiful hits were formed. This single is no exception to that rule. Beginning with lilting vocals, the production contrasts them with alternative rock guitar riffs. Combined, this piece is a dreamy one, filled with a variety of sound textures that showcase poetic vocals.

“Insomnia,” by Kid Travis: This artist continues his flow of infectiously-catchy releases since his start just a couple of short years ago. His quick rise in the industry shows evident talent and an ear for melodies that linger in the brain long after they’ve finished playing. In 2018, the Bristol Township native worked behind the counter at a seafood establishment, aspiring to become a musician. Just a year later, his hero, Post Malone, shouted him out in an interview with Kerwin Frost.

This infectious single blends R&B with a soulful set of vocals and a rich, bass-heavy beat. The artist is rising in the industry for their punk and trap undertones in his work, which showcase a fluidity of genre in his sound as a whole. His works are melodic, not to mention catchy, and showcase a growing-in-renown signature sound that’s become critically-acclaimed since his beginning in the industry. He is only just beginning, too; and we look forward to hearing more from him here at Glasse Factory.

“2,” by Bambi L: This Finnish artist combines quirk with skilled songwriting and unfiltered lyrics. Out of it comes a deranged mix of dark and melancholy in a lighthearted sound. Combining her writing talents with a unique blend of pop that is rich in an otherworldly signature of her own. This single blends vulnerable vocals with an introduction of stripped back acoustic guitar before breaking into a slow tempo beat that only further enhances her singing skills. Equally a contrast of indie pop, shadowed with a hint of folk, the track becomes a slow burn of increasing tension as instrumentals build to its peak before Bambi’s voice soars through the atmosphere of her own creation.

“2” is an organic indie pop tune that describes the brutality a love story coming to an end. It’s about the feeling, when you’ve already visualised a perfect future with the one you love, but then out of the blue, you hit a wall and it’s all gone. It’s a mix of beauty, ugly, vulnerable, rough and frozen, with a little bit of warmth at the same time… With this song I want to send a message to people, that it’s okay if you’re feeling sad or lonely, or going through a hard time on Christmas…You are not alone.

~ Bambi L.

“Chrysanthemums,” by Little Law: Becoming known as “a girl with a flair for dramatics,” this artist blends Lo-Fi with alternative pop in a dark fantasy fashion. This single contrasts heavy beats with soft vocals much to the likes of Melanie Martinez, with her own signature flair. Chimes glimmer in the background with a relaxing beat, and blended in, Law’s vocals are showcased at their finest.

In short, the song describes an experience of unrequited love; and in detail the unreciprocated love is alluded by the impressions and imaginations of being loved by that person, when rather, it was purely false. When the realization hits that it wasn’t love, the feelings are described beautifully with a description of chrysanthemums, wilting from their lack of devotion.

“#3 Heal You,” by Miss Toffee: Written as the third skit of twenty-eight mini-songs written during a trip to indie; later becoming a complete rhythm and pop production. This song in particular was created shortly after the death of the artist’s grandmother. Wailing with regret and ache, she poured her soul into the production and paired the track with a beat of avant garde blends of sound that add to the track’s texture and melancholy tone. This creative singer and songwriter began her journey by creating inspirational beats, catchy melodies, and heart-filling harmonies. Out of it came her latest album, titled Project 28. This track in particular offers a unique representation of the artist’s unique sounds and talents.

“Minds of Moria,” by VAAL, Koda: This is the third genre-bending release from LA based Swedish producer VAAAL and Haitian/Cuban-American vocalist/producer Koda, featuring the saxophone and flute talents of multi-instrumentalist Ted Taforo.

The artist, mad scientist, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and synthesist recently offered his self-titled debut album, and it’s a deep dive into his dark and twisted fantasy world, full of self-built instruments, experimental sound choices, and cinematic, epic climaxes. From the deepest ambient drones and textural soundscapes to high-intensity percussive explosions and bombastic orchestras, this album is a trip through the multiverse and back.

This single is a sprawling musical experience that evolves from dark and twisted drum machine laden chaos into jazzy, anthemic rock, and a little of everything in between. The 9 minute track is an experience from start to finish. The ebb and flow of the industrial alt pop intro blends into infectious heavy blues rock before concluding with a slowly burning experimental and ambient outro. All in all, this track’s build is one experience you cannot miss in witnessing.

“Rain & Roses,” by Kristian Haug: This laid back folk track swims in the nostalgia and longing to experience the countryside of Norway, according to the artist. To us, the song does just that and more. Bathed in acoustic guitar strums and cool vocals, the mind is sent wandering into worlds we know and love, and at the same time, display the yearn to experience things yet unseen.

The singer-songwriter has played in various bands, but expanded into a solo effort to expand upon a creative outlet of his own. Reaching to coveted playlist spots with singles in the past, his works have already touched many hearts as they are sent wandering into worlds of their own creation.

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