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When British pop singer, Mabel, announced she was coming to Copenhagen, I wouldn’t have imagined she would be playing at Lille Vega. A name that has built a strong reputation of late for back in her homeland as one of the biggest up and coming names since Dua Lipa, I expected the venue to be larger.

But I realise that she is still forging a name across the pond from her home and although the venue was sold out a few weeks before the show, I guess the venue is a fantastic platform to show her growing army of fans a more intimate show, something I feel will be played to a larger audience in the future.

For me it’s perfect. I’m always happy to see artists that sell out large arenas or venues in other countries and then come to Denmark to play smaller ones… it makes for an awesome concert. A chance to get close to an artist before a time when I’ll probably be trying to squeeze past screaming adolescents and having Coca Cola dropped over my back. Not so much as a drop fell over me on this occasion, just the way I like it.

Mabel leaps on stage, accompanied by two female dancers and away she goes. The crowd have been waiting anxiously for this moment for months and are finally rewarded for their patience with a banging rendition of ‘Mad Love’ to wet the appetite.

“All night gimme mad love, all night gimme mad love”

That’s exactly what the crowd ensued on doing, relentlessly throughout the concert from this point forward and Mabel is happy to keep pulling the attention of the crowd towards her, like a ravenous dog on a leach.

The dancers on stage are creating a buzz of their own. Flying around the stage like teenagers on roller skates, a slap on their rear as they spin from here to there and I’m having trouble focusing on the main act from time to time. I quickly revert my eyes to the star of the night and am smiling as the dancers lay on the floor for a moment, perhaps to take a breather, but more I feel to add spectacle to the well choreographed show that I’m witnessing.

Mabel crosses through them and turns back to a burst of enthusiasm and cheer from the crowd. The concert is in full swing and songs, ‘Bad Behavior’ and ‘Finders Keepers’ keep the crowd in high spirits and there isn’t a pair of arms in the building not reaching for the air.

It’s fair to say throughout the set, that Mabel, in her short career, has been well educated and trained to perform in such a confident manner. She knows how to play the crowd into her hands and her tone perfect voice captures the sense of a talented artist that you feel will be able to perform at a high level for as long as the career span of an artist in her genre.

She’s no Kylie Minogue, but if an artist these days keeps it up for 10 years, then it’s a successful career.

‘Don’t Call Me Up’ brings the night to a close and the hit record that has had fans all over the UK bouncing on their feet for the past 6 months, might well have just added some new Danish fans to help make dents in the floorboards of more concert venues.

UK artists, Kali Claire, offered a sweet and assured performance as the warm up act for the night and a mix of original and cover tunes kept the room in check while they waited for their new found favorite to enter the stage.

Another confident singer, but definitely someone that will take this support slot as a learning curve for her own career and maybe try to forge a career for herself in what can only be described as a talented array of British female artists right now.

I guess we’ll be seeing you both at Royal Arena in the near future… maybe?

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