It’s been a minute since Space Jesus last visited St. Louis on a tour, so all the psychonauts and bass music enthusiasts in the city showed up as a jam-packed, ecstatic crowd. It was such a treat having the boys on the Moon Landing Tour play the Old Rock House, a staple to the St. Louis music scene, for an intimate rave experience.


ONHELL opened the floor with tinny, trashy, and echoey experimental sounds with lots of layers and quite avante-garde, if you will. His music was all over the place and hit hard with grungey, rumbly bass. ONHELL definitely encapsulates the L.A. essence with his simultaneously goofy and rough demeanor, minimalistic tattoos, and goofy yellow scarf with red flowers. Of course he played his infamous remix of Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up,” which got the crowd thoroughly warmed up.

The second hour of the evening was filled with more tropical jungle vibes, with visuals giving off the feeling of watching a sunset under palm trees whistling int he wind. tiedye ky is a lot more flowy and smooth when it comes to his music and dance moves. He played some of my favorites, Alternate Reality 3035 and Chain Smoking in LAX w/ Mindset, and even threw in a few tribute songs for their pal Pipus, who sadly passed away last year.

tsuruda tends to start out his sets nice and easy with fun house tracks and then jump into experimental bass music. He featured new songs Kimchi Crisis and Caustic from his most recent EP Fubar, then sprinkled in a little bit of tyedye ky flavor at the end with some windy bass sounds over deep hip-hop tracks.

The King of the Night, Space Jesus, brought us into his own creative ethereal world immediately after stepping up onto the stage. Colorful drippy, trippy jungle visuals melded with beautiful wind chime sounds as he announced, “I like to express myself.” And just as he always does, he transitioned abruptly into his bass music “space abduction,” as I like to call it. Space Jesus played a healthy mix of old and new tracks that kept the crowd absolutely enthralled. Everyone was bouncing and wiggling like crazy for all the old school drops “Space Boss,” “Won’t Stop,” and Sofa Surfin,” and received Space Jesus’ new collaborations well, written with his girlfriend Huxley Anne, his father, and even one with his god-daughter.

All four artists hopped on stage to close out the night with a massive B2B2B2B that was absolutely bonkers. These boys put on a wild party and had just as much fun on stage as everyone in the crowd. It was such a unique and intimate experience, especially in such a small venue where everyone could be close together dancing with our friends! Huge shout out to B&W Productions for hosting such a special event.

Photos by Alyssa Schwalm


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