Kelis was definitely one of the hottest names of the R&B scene at the beginning of a previous decade. She stormed the music stage combining her vocal skills with a more independent and ambitious approach to popular music than what was presented by others. Her masterpiece record – ‘Kaleidoscope’ was released 20 years ago and is celebrated around the world with a special tour. Kelis brought her milkshake to Copenhagen’s Vega to present her biggest hits to Danish fans.

The show was opened by a LA-based duo FARR – two guys who produce nice and easy to listen mixture of electronic and soul music. During their set they have delivered a nice start for fans slowly gathering in the venue. The venue itself received a restriction to limit the size of the show to one thousand spectators – that is dictated by local regulation in order to prevent coronavirus spread. 

The main part of the show started in a complete darkness – the band entered the stage and started to play the first  beats of ‘Mars’. Then the stage got a bit brighter thanks to a spotlight which brought Kelis to the front of the stage accompanied with a loud cheer of the fans. She went straight down to the business jumping into ‘Good Stuff’ – both singing and dancing and the Vega started to dance with her. Kelis was smiling all the time – which was a proof that the vocalist with an extremely red hair is also having fun. Shortly after finishing ‘Young, Fresh n’ New’ Kelis presented something I personally really appreciated – ODB’s ‘Got Your Money’ which she delivered vocals for, with few Wu-Tang signs waving in the air.

After this energetic kick-off she totally surprised fans – she took out her book with lyrics to support herself with few tracks following the first part of the show, but again – she did it with a huge smile and 100% naturally. 

Somewhere in the middle of the show Kelis presented her hip-hop side and dropped her lines for ‘Bossy’ what, after more calm break, made Vega dance again. After few more songs she went to the final part of the show with ‘Trick me’, ‘Milkshake’ played to the beat of Wu-Tang ‘Gravel Pit’ and Calvin Harris ‘Bounce’. The whole show was closed with another dance song ‘Acapella’ which was the last chance for fans to dance with Kelis. There was no encore but… after almost 2 hours of music I do believe everyone got what was expected.

Kelis proved that she is still one of the coolest and most positive vocalists and she is still enjoying the music she is playing. Fans received a solid dose of music including both atmospheric slow songs and bouncy dance hits. And what was the coolest about that night – she did all with a huge smile.

And funny fact – as I have learned from one of the fans Kelis is as good chef as she is a musician, this can prove that her milkshakes are ‘for real’

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