LP Giobbi Partners With Insomniac Records to Release FEMME HOUSE Compilation, Built Around Empowerment

Earlier this month to kick off Women’s History Month, LP Giobbi dropped the first-ever FEMME HOUSE compilation in partnership with Insomniac Records. The 11-track album is built around the ethos of a platform focused on empowerment; FEMME HOUSE is dedicated to “Fostering more equitable opportunity for women and gender-expansive individuals in music.” Through its first official compilation, FEMME HOUSE is embodying part of its purpose as the album features tracks from the organization’s beloved alumni and a few newcomers. The end result? A housewarming celebration welcoming in critical changes that are obviously long overdue.

LP Giobbi is a forward-thinking, boundary-breaking artist who is disrupting dance music today. She is widely known for her bass-rattling house beats and electrifying live performances and assumes many titles: inspirational producer, DJ, label owner, curator, music director, feminist, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed Piano House Queen. Since first breaking into the scene in 2018, she’s become one of the fastest-rising artists in dance music. Mixing her background as a classically trained jazz pianist from UC Berkley with her first love of piano house, LP Giobbi crafts genre-defying dance music.

As a co-founder of FEMME HOUSE, it naturally makes sense that LP would baptize this compilation with the lead cut, “Togetherness.” It is a soulful and imperative outcry for unification that finds frequent collaborator hermixalot spitting truth behind the podium. Not a single soul is spared from the outpouring of funk in this jam that could bring together anyone with an ounce of groove. A hopeful and upbeat song of inclusion, “Togetherness” creates an infectious energy that leaves listeners ready for more, which works out perfectly as more will come.

Mija follows the initially set groovy tone with aptly titled, “Groove.” With a hypnotic bassline and slick vocals, the track beckons listeners to give in to the commands found within the lyrics, prompting us to lose control and express ourselves. A few experimental tweaks and tempo changes here and there keep us locked into the magnetic rhythms. “Liftin Me Up” moves listeners into another hypnotizing bassline that quickly becomes infused with the Afro-Latino energy of Coco & Breezy, the fiercely stylish twins who are used to congas coming out at family dinner. There is a definitively unique style to the way the beats come together and how the vocals are layered to create this ethereal yet grounded sound.

“In The Dark” shifts the compilation to deeper house beats that tiptoe onto the line of techno thanks to VNSSA and her inclination for tech and bass house. With slightly-sinister vocal samples, the faster-paced track transports listeners into a dark club space with strobing lights, a setting in which this sort of thrumming bassline pulls listeners to the dance floor as they release inhibitions. Kaleena Zanders keeps the party bumping with “Resurrected,” a high-energy dance track with vivacious vocals and pulsating bass. Mixing in seductive vocals with the house beats, Kaleena elevates the club-like atmosphere and guarantees that nobody will leave this compilation without breaking out into undulating dancing at least once.

Baby Weight enlists the help of Karnage Kills to enhance the soundscape of “House Princess” with his magnetic presence that combines his witty humor and raw lyrical content with the big-room tech-house energy that Baby Weight brings to all of their sets. The track is brimming with unabashed individual power, something both artists are known for, and continues to carve space for listeners to feel the beat within themselves and make with it what they want. Taking a side step into the world of experimental breakbeat comes Mary Droppinz with “Gonna Be Alright.” Crafting a transcendental experience with echoing vocals and groovy kicks, Mary delivers a multi-layered track that guarantees listeners a chance to get lost within the multi-directional synths.

With no more than a couple of seconds of break, HoneyLuv quickly grounds listeners back into reality with “Your Tongue” and its bass house sensibilities. Choppy vocals and commanding beats take over the soundscape in this certified banger, once again leaving little desire to not get your body moving. “Percule” by Mz Worthy brings listeners into a space that is both grounded in reality and scattered into the atmosphere. She shifts the album into a jungle house realm that is completed with grinding basslines that ride into the acid house space, resulting in an interesting mix of sound in which we can quickly lose ourselves. They are clever to make sure we are still paying attention to the melding melodies.

Masha Mar returns us into a transcendental atmosphere with “Mind In Motion,” but not for long as we are quickly reoriented with high hats and punctuated beats. The groove that comes out of this track is slightly reminiscent of what one might find from 70s or 80s synth-oriented discotheque tunes, but with a modern twist of deeper tones that creates this sort of up-and-down effect sweeping through the soundscape. Closing out the compilation is “Decisions” by Leena Punks, a progressive house track for the books. Glistening embellishments set the tone for the track – light and carefree, an elegant closing that allows listeners to catch a breath after all of the moving and dancing that had to have taken place earlier on. “Decisions” makes you feel as though you are floating even as the dance beat shuffles through the backdrop.

With Women’s History Month over halfway over, let this FEMME HOUSE compilation serve as your anthem for the rest of the month, and beyond, while you continue to celebrate and support women – all women, any women, and in any industry or space!

There is still time for you to catch the FEMME HOUSE Tour over the next few weeks. If you’re not sure what to expect, check out this review from the Brooklyn stop a few weeks ago. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to not only participate in workshops but also catch performances by some of these ultra-talented artists! You can also show your support for their mission by donating to their first-ever fundraiser.

Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis, but always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!
Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis, but always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!

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