Track drops in time to give you Spring Fever, and all the glittering feels.

Jelly Crystal is the moniker of Stockholm-based artist and songwriter Filip Johnson. As Filip, he is thoughtful and meticulous with the enthusiasm of a sensitive creator always on the verge of something new. As his stage persona Jelly Crystal, he becomes a fresh-faced old-school glam rock street entertainer on the Sunset Strip, singing his heart out for nickels and dimes. Innocence and decadence are never far from each other in his dazzling presence, and in his deeply varied discography you can feel a man’s influence in classic styles and tempo headbutting with the fervent sweetness and fun of boyish youth. This upcoming single to be released in mid-March is no exception to that kaleidoscopic rule.

Filip Johnson, known as the ephemeral Jelly Crystal.

Separately, Alice Boman from Malmo, Sweden, is a dream pop singer songwriter. She primarily composes songs on piano but is known to write songs on her guitar occasionally. With two EP’s, a handful of singles and a full album under her belt she carries her own brand of synthed-out, glossy dream scaping on world tours that takes the mind on a trip to a melancholy Neverland. Her touch on this collaboration is evident is the bittersweet delicacy of the melody and lilting verses.

Alice Boman photographed by MÄRTA THISNER

“Happy Ending” is a duet love song about love lost, the sad story of a final goodbye and the evident disappointment and emotion that still sparks between the lovers but can’t ever be. With dream pop tones that remind one of modern sounds found in music from Washed Out and Alvvays, the soft thoughtfulness of the instruments promotes instant swaying as much as sadness, while the retro mixing and powerful male vocals gives way to that kaleidoscope again, reminiscent of Billy Idol’s wavering croons and even a little Smiths-level lyricism. It is truly a song that guides the mind through idle moments and resonates for a long time afterwards.

The wait for this single will be well worth it, scheduled for release on March 18, 2022, and in the meantime, you can catch up on every sound both artists have ever produced, to be found on YouTube primarily. On the topics of love, loss and disappointments, both Jelly Crystal and Alice Boman have made it their place to explore these glittering, murky areas deeply, and you’ll find both of their most recent personal albums to connect on these themes. Treat yourself to a trip through Wonderland.

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