THIS IS FEMME HOUSE: LP GIOBBI Takes Her Girls On Tour With Creative Workshops Along The Way


Where do I even begin? FEMME HOUSE is one of the most supportive resources accessible to women I have ever encountered in the music industry. Well known for a traveling tour featuring an all-woman line-up, it is so much more. Lead by founding member LP GIOBBI, FEMME HOUSE also brings an educative workshop experience which is completely free for women to attend.

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The FEMME HOUSE workshops are approximately 2 hours long, and LP brings Ableton verified instructors and more friends along to each session. During the workshop, the class goes over creating a song from start to, as close as they can get with their time together, finish. FEMME HOUSE provides the girls with an asset package to download to be able to follow-along as they create. The instructor introduced how to structure a song, as well as shared lots of good advice on which free resources she personally uses to navigate creators block, seeking inspiration, and more for songwriting, song design, and more tactical aspects of creating.

Following the lesson, there was a Q+A session with BKLAVA. BKLAVA is a female producer, vocalist, and DJ from the United Kingdom and this was her first tour in the states as the primary opener for LP GIOBBI on the FEMME HOUSE tour. The class asked her questions about advancing in her career and how she kept moving forward, a variety of questions about her production style and any tips, and so much more – LP also chimed in accordingly to support BKLAVA’s responses and provide insight to her own experiences. To wrap it up, a few special guests local to NYC stopped by to also answer any questions the students had in regards to management, getting more gigs, and so on.

I feel so lucky to have been able to experience one of these work shops, as well as to have been amongst so many young and eager minds. Being a women in the music industry, it’s rare to even find others on the same path as you. The home for women eager to learn that LP Giobbi + the FEMME HOUSE team have curated is really something remarkable and welcoming to all. I would strongly encourage learning more and attending a date near you. Learn more here.

Photo by Alex Mars @alexxmarss_

Transitioning from an educative space to a groovy evening – QRTR kicked things off! Being a more fresh face to the scene, it was heart-warming that LP’s team put her on the opening and closing spots – seemingly in efforts of providing her with as much exposure as possible!

Following up QRTR opening up the night, BKLAVA headed up to the stage for her first ever American performance! Being an artist from the United Kingdom, it was very exciting to see her thrive on her first stage in the States and bring the UK underground vibes to Brooklyn – which fit right in! I was already in awe with her by her stories she shared with the workshop, but seeing her performance really solidified my stance as a fan and it’s safe to say I will definitely be keeping up with her tours! Not only is she a DJ, but she sings live on some of her tracks she performs. She’s a multi-tasking talent, which you can’t resist respecting!

Photo by Alex Mars @alexxmarss_

Right on with prime time, LP GIOBBI joined BKLAVA on stage. Starting off her set by performing an unreleased track by herself and BKLAVA that is coming out soon – you could tell she was immediately in her element. With a smile grinning from ear to ear, her energy is nothing less than infectious to everyone around her.

Photo by Alex Mars @alexxmarss_

LP GIOBBI is clearly a champion in the femme leadership space. There were so many FEMME HOUSE guests together with her, even on stage, dancing while she grooved. Her welcoming and warm energy is demonstrated consistently through and through. She’s also a multi-tasking talent, like BKLAVA, as she played piano while mixing, with additional instrumental gear attached to her decks to create unique loops and additional effects. It was so impressive how much she was orchestrating alone. Her curation abilities as a DJ were stellar as well, as the crowd was highly enjoying her selections for the night. She was blending electronic beats with classic hits such as I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye, as well as doing bootleg flips of trending hits like Take My Breath by The Weeknd. A lot of fans were eager to send LP messages with the popular website BIG ASS MESSAGE. Here were a couple of our favorites:

“I went to catholic school and then found LP”

“Slap them keyzzzzzz”

“Happy BDAY Xander”

The messages were comical praises as well as love for LP‘s manager Xander. It was special to see LP’s fan’s love radiate to her team. All in all, if the FEMME HOUSE tour is stopping in a city near you, be sure to go as you won’t want to miss out!

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