Exclusive Interview: Kara Frazier Talks Podcasts and Single, “Words”

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Kara Frazier, based in Nashville, is not only a true-crime and fashion enthusiast, but a passionate songwriter and philanthropist. Like many musicians in the last year, she has expressed her struggles into her music, and will be releasing her innermost thoughts into the world through her upcoming single, “Words.”

“Words” talks about struggle and release. Kara has struggled with many things in her life and this song is about finally speaking to and about it all; letting your thoughts and feelings be known, and not just hiding them away.  “Like most people, I’ve always struggled with inner demons. Anxiety, insecurities, abandonment, self-doubt – you name it – I’ve lived it. This song was written from a place of wanting peace and freedom from the lies I believed about myself and those that others planted in my head from a young age.” Kara reveals about her insecurities and doubt to power this song with authenticity and boldness.

With a funky jazzlike sound with both a retro and energetic vibe, that is also enhanced by the fact it was recorded live in studio, you can feel the emotion and power of this single as it relates to the common struggles people share, all while being unafraid of embodying a fun and upbeat sound to keep us on our toes. Find the freedom of speaking out and up on January 1st, 2021 with the release of “Words”. Followed by the full EP “Deja Vu Sessions” on January 29th, 2021.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the folk and soul artist about her upcoming single, “Words,” as well as our love for podcasts, Florence + the Machine, and reviewed the past nine months of quarantine’s impact on us as creatives. Watch now!

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