End of Summer Block Party | Featuring Exclusive Set from Mia LJ and Lace Cadence

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To close out September, The Collective, Columbia Tower Club, and Glasse Factory hosted an exclusive Livestream and Concert featuring the sultry notes of Mia LJ and sick spins of Lace Cadence. In celebration of the Pacific North West community and the diversity within, Mia LJ and Lace Cadence performed a one-of-a-kind set featuring never to be released tracks from Mia LJ, and a signature blend of afrobeat, dancehall, rap, and R&B from Lace Cadence. Although this event has since concluded, you can enjoy Livestream and re-live this experience now Glasse Factory’s YouTube channel.

Lace Cadence, founder of Trophouse Thursdays at Seattle’s Sugar Hill, featured DJ and collaborator with Palmwine Experience and Champagne, took stage just before LJ to provide a signature bled of afrobeat, dancehall, rap, and R&B. Candence truly set the tone for the evening, providing guests in attendance with an ambiance ready for dance and fun. Through his extensive performance resume, his passion not only met audience expectations, but exceeded them.

PC: Helana Michelle

23-year-old New York-based, Mia LJ took lead of the evening with a strong, energetic performance that emanate a powerful feeling of life and unconditional love for music, for performing, and every person she was able to reach that night. In her performance, Mia LJ’s passion for music shines through her performance, expressing an infectious energy that rose audiences to their feet and had them singing along with her, whether they knew of her before that night or came for the memorable moments as a whole. Her performance of exclusive, unreleased tracks to the audience provided a unique experience for all in attendance, an experience where listeners were able to fully embrace the out-of-body feeling that much of Mia’s music provides–including solfeggio frequencies which are prominent in many of her tracks.

Mia LJ performed never-released tracks to the audience that drew each audience member into the present, allowing them to focus on the feeling and frequencies that drove from Mia’s passion in what she does. One thing is for certain–the type of performance and energy that Mia LJ brings to the table is out of this world.

Even though the venue of the performance was not accessible from the sidewalks of Seattle, and placed in a semi-private setting for ticket holders, Mia and Lace’s energy flowed through the streets of Seattle, grabbing attention of all how passed by. Once Mia began, audiences had gathered, even street-side, to soak in the sonic release provided by LJ and Cadence. Both artists provided a night of intensity, warmth, and open acceptance that no one will soon forget.

PC: Helana Michelle

The day of the End of Summer Block Party, Mia also released her first single off of her Solfeggio Frequency album, SYNERGY, titled HOME. This track, similar to the gems performed at the block party, expresses themes of euphoric release that bring the listener a sense of peace in the sonic masterpiece. Read more about Mia LJ’s debut single, HOME, off of her debut Solfeggio Frequency album, SYNERGY here. As this Live performance and single release sneak peeks into the monumental and transcendent beauty to come from her upcoming album, SYNGERGY, via the S.O.S. Care Package, winter of 2021 is about to be an exciting one. Recently, Mia LJ has released a second track off of her album, Speechless, available here.

PC: Helana Michelle

Mr. Jesse Rhodes, the Committee Chair of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action (IDEA) Committee, mentioned that the event aligned perfectly with the Columbia Tower Club Mission, to “be an inclusive, exclusive community where Seattle’s impact-makers gather, grow, and elevate how they connect, work, and play.”

“We, the IDEA Committee, were the proud hose for the high energy performance with singer Mia LJ, opening up over very own Seattle-based DJ, Lace Cadence. We aim to nurture the well-being and spirit of our club and community by uniting and educating others with an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and actionable approach.”

Mr. Rhodes; Chair, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action (IDEA) Committee

PC: Helana Michelle

Through working with community partners, like Shug’s Soda Fountain and with the reaction of the performance, even street side, Columbia Tower Club and The Collective succeeded in meeting that expectations from all in attendance, reaching through the streets of Seattle to provide an elevated experience for all to grow, connect, and play.

If you would like to participate in more events like these, contact Columbia Tower Club at for more information on how you can get involved.

Check out Mia LJ’s latest releases, keep an eye out for her upcoming album, SYNERGY, and see what this event was all about through the Livestream, available now.

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