Glassetonbury, Winner’s Circle: Final Four

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The first round of Glassetonbury’s “Winner’s Circle” Tournament of Champions has come and gone, and four previous winners remain active in our final bracket of 2021. Whichever artist wins next week’s Championship Round will be declared our 2021 Undisputed Glassetonbury Champion and will earn an interview in a future edition of Glasse Factory magazine, as well as more fun details to be announced later.

Let’s take a look at our bracket:

Each matchup below will feature links to the competing songs, a brief description of each song and artist, and a poll for you to cast your vote. Polls will close on Saturday, October 30th at 1:00 p.m. CST, and voting is limited to one vote per 24 hours. To prevent botting, we equip all of our polls with CAPTCHA protection, and while this is a necessary step to preserve the integrity of the tournament, sometimes this leads to problems when trying to vote on multiple polls at once. To ensure that your votes are properly counted, refresh the page before voting on a new poll, and make sure to click “Vote” again after you pass the CAPTCHA protection. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Monster Squad (Love So Crazy)” – Sam The Astronaut vs. “Right Now” – Cam Be x Neak x Sam Trump

Vancouver alt-pop duo Sam The Astronaut won our first-ever Glassetonbury tournament with their song “Monster Squad” (Love So Crazy). The upbeat, anthemic track will win you over with its warmness and heart, and it feels like a live-set staple. “Monster Squad” is the second selection from their 2020 EP “High For You” and is reminiscent of the style of music that fans of bands like The Band CAMINOLANY, or The 1975 might enjoy. Meanwhile, “Right Now” is the sixth track from Chicago-based artist Cam Be‘s 2020 album “Summer in September” and won Glassetonbury, Vol. 4. Bolstered by a bouncing bass line and garnished with a lavish arrangement of horns — which particularly spotlight Sam Trump‘s chops on trumpet — the song carries the heart of a 70’s soul song, offered through the musical lens of a jazzier Mac Miller track. Neak also comes to the table with a nice verse that acts as a perfect musical counterweight to Cam Be’s more mellow vocals. 


Midwest Dreams” – Distressed Damsels vs. “Waves and Walls” – Huxley Sun

Lincoln, Nebraska’s Distressed Damsels bring a raw, in-your-face style of rock to the table with “Midwest Dreams.” The track features screaming guitars, angsty vocals, and a vibrant energy that feels perfect for a summertime carpool karaoke session on a long road trip. They won our seventh volume of Glassetonbury. Meanwhile, a nuanced indie-folk song called ‘Waves and Walls” from Argentinian-born, Warsaw, Poland-based performer Huxley Sun won Vol. 6 of Glassetonbury. With immersive, intimate movement in the background, Sun captured a swelling tension that may draw comparisons to Bon Iver.


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Casey Fitzmaurice currently acts as the Department Head of A&R for Glasse Factory. A December 19
Casey Fitzmaurice currently acts as the Department Head of A&R for Glasse Factory. A December 19

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