Today, New York-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer, Mia LJ releases the highly-anticipated debut single, HOME. Writing music since she was the age of five, this artist is becoming known around the world as a rising musician and artist to watch. The multi-faceted musician has over a decade of professional experience. Uniquely an all-in-one creative, she unifies Soul Infused Indie Rock, Conscious Pop, R&B/Hip Hop, House/EDM, and Jazz. 

Mia, an all-encompassing talent, sets a clear tone of cathartic emotional release while highlighting her unique and infectious vocals. At 23 years old, she manages to capture a lifetime of experiences and gravity in a brief sonic experience that reaches each individual listener’s soul. “HOME,” written, produced, and mixed by the female powerhouse, also features vocal trip guide, Banah Winn, and saxophonist, Jaedon Alvira, providing the track with a wide array of tones that exudes an energetic connection to listeners like no other. It is more than a cerebral experience, but a chance for listeners to dive headfirst into an “out-of-body” journey. 

“HOME is inspired by an out-of-body experience I had in February of 2020. This was maybe… five months into me putting myself in isolation before the lockdown happened. It was honestly just me following the guidance of my spirit. I was meditating every single day, I was practicing vegan eating, doing yoga every single day… and I was working a lot on healing within when it came to my inner child, my shadow, karmic cycles, breaking free of those, and also mastering myself. So that’s what HOME was inspired by: me projecting out of my body one night. . .”

~ Mia LJ

This track acts as a monumental and transcendent sneak peek into what beauty is to come from her debut Solfeggio frequency album, SYNERGY, via The S.O.S. Care Package this Winter 2021. The album will shed light upon the blueprints of our universe from various archetypes of sacred unconditional love to subconscious programming, sacred geometry, numerology, and more through the use of Solfeggio frequencies and visuals. Using her music therapy degree and range of talents, Mia has managed to create the debut single, “HOME,” with a charged cathartic energy that will soothe any soul who listens, and it is merely a fraction of what is to come. Mia LJ is here to be the difference.

Stream the new single now, available on all listening platforms.

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