Brenna Erickson Promises to “Call You Later” in a Track Perfect for Cry-Dancing in Your Bedroom

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My favorite ultra-relatable pop artist Brenna Erickson is back with her second single of the year, “Call You Later.” After being introduced to Brenna in late 2020 by her COVID-inspired “Things To Do,” I knew she was an artist I wanted to keep an eye out for due to her unique electro-pop sensibilities. Then after her first track of 2021, “One Hundred,” dropped with a gentle and uplifting reminder, I just knew Brenna would be one of those artists that I would eagerly await new music. Her self-produced songs feature fresh productions, unique melodies, and honest lyrics and they’re quite refreshing these days.

“Call You Later” is her latest single that is perfect for cry-dancing in your bedroom. To write the song, Brenna pulled from her own experiences of not responding to calls nor texts while dealing with anxiety. She recognizes that in these moments, pulling away from friends and family is what she does best.

Dreamy synth pops outline the soundscape for this track. The glittering melodies are complemented by softly fleeting vocalizations which back the main vocals, also along the line of airy tones. The light production is reflective of the emotions Brenna sings about in her lyrics: “Trying to keep my feet on the ground with my head in the clouds; no, I’m not coming down anytime soon, so can I call you…later?” Her open acknowledgment of her mental state and how that impacts her interactions with those around her is an important continuation of her desire to normalize discussing mental health, which is admirable use of her platform.

This is a track listeners will be able to relate to – I know I have a tendency to let texts/messages go unread for days at a time if I have too many things going on in my life and am feeling overwhelmed by everything. And even if the message doesn’t connect with you, then the breezy production and delicate vocals will at least give you a feeling of weightlessness as you listen.

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