Brenna Erickson Has Run Out of “Things To Do” in Quarantine (Talk About Relatable)

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Oh boy, 2020. It has been a year to say the least. Remember back in March when COVID-19 first really hit the United States and we all thought “there’s no way this will last through the summer,” and yet…here we are. It’s the end of 2020 and we’re still seeing increases in cases and although there are a few promising vaccines, it will take a while before we can return to “normal life,” whatever that looks like. So even though Brenna Erickson released what is probably 2020’s most relatable song back in May, it’s safe to say that her message in “Things To Do” still rings true today, as we round out the year.

Brenna Erickson is an American pop songwriter and artist based in Jacksonville, FL. Born in a Minnesota small town to two music teachers, creating music has always been her ambition, which lead her to Memphis, TN at the age of 18 to study music production. Inspired by pop producers such as Max Martin and Shellback who created the sounds of her childhood, Brenna’s self-produced songs feature fresh productions, unique melodies and honest lyrics.

“Things To Do” is the perfect song to capture sentiments of 2020 – a year of missing things like coffee with girlfriends, going to shows, wine nights, and generally, just being able to be within 6 feet of other humans. A piano melody layered underneath ethereal synths transitions into a more electro-pop bassline as Brenna vocalizes of everything she is missing. She manages to get away with an outspoken whisper, which fits perfectly with the essence of nostalgia her lyrics convey. She mixes multiple vocal tracks together during her last chorus, adding in an ascending choral element. Brenna keeps enough spirit within her vocals to keep this song from being a somber portrayal of the events of 2020, although it is generally just a sad state of affairs.

While I know we’re all experiencing quarantine fatigue, please remember to stay safe, social distance, wash your hands, and wear a mask. While you’re pining over normalcy, you can listen to “Things To Do” and nod along to the relatability.

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