The worlds of music and fashion have overlapped since the dawn of the music video, when image became king and made some artists stand above others. Whether clothes, jewelry or makeup are used to provoke or make a statement, it’s inconceivable to separate the two industries in our modern world. As such, it’s refreshing to see such a unique collaboration between experimental musician Yves Tumor and and artisanal jeweler Daemon for their new collection, “Chrysalis.”

Yves Tumor has made their name as a musician and producer of a genre that can’t quite be defined — a little rock, a bit electronic, but ultimately very experimental. With their love of the different and “out there,” it’s no wonder that they would eventually delve into the world of fashion and jewelry — especially considering how the pandemic made them focus on hobbies that utilized their hands to create, like upholstery and welding.

It’s even more fitting that Yves Tumor has teamed up with such an artisanal jeweler like Daemon, who worked alongside the musician for two to three years to create the perfect balance of sharp and delicate for their collection based on butterflies and transformations. The collection was created by both artists as a means to express the violence against, and resilience of, cis and trans women — epitomized by subtle rebirth imagery and the edges of each metallic piece. As the site states about the collaboration and its deeper meaning:

“These years the butterflies became a symbol that we could meet across all mediums. The stages of development from chrysalis to the monarch evoke the idea of starting with isolation, and then switching code across metaphysical and biological stages, that echoed moments of life as artists moving between complete isolation and being out in the world … It’s a research into our preference to never lose fragility, even when fighting.”

There have been many collaborations between musicians and those in the fashion world for the last few decades, but few feel so personal to the respective artists as this collection. With their fine-crafted workmanship and powerful meanings, the “Chrysalis” collection feels like the best of both worlds for both Yves Tumor and Daemon — two artists at the height of their respective fields. You can pre-order the Yves x Daemon “Chrysalis” collection here, and check out some images of the jewelry on offer below!

Photo credit: Brandon Bowen

Photo credit: Brandon Bowen

Photo credit: Brandon Bowen

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