Worlds Collide In Beachdust’s ‘An Android Contemplates Love’

In a world that’s evolving at a break neck pace (like a Pokémon), we are experiencing this hodge-podge of ideas coming to life. Whether conjured up by science fiction or fantasy, it’s all possible now thanks to bright minds and machines joining forces. What we thought back then as pipe dreams like androids walking the earth are now tangible. Sure they may not be comparable to the ones we see in The Robocop or even The Terminator franchise, but they’re almost there. They’re a bit clunky here and there but that’s to be expected – they’re learning. Perhaps being able to feel is next?

While that may be a scary thought, one can’t help but be fascinated as well. If and when that happens, can we consider them as humans as well? That’s compelling stuff right there that just tickles the imagination. So much so that California based artist Anthony Geovanny aka Beachdust created the eargasmic track entitled “An Android Contemplates Love”. Released last February 27th in all music streaming platforms via Little Death. It’s a tune that allows us to meet an android up-close, and process with them how love operates. Which if you come to look at it is strange because we humans till this day don’t have a grim grasp of what love truly means.

We know love exists, yet we just can’t wrap our entire beings around it guts, emotions and all. To hear an android go through ‘the motions’ like we do is surreal, often times as if we’re in front of a mirror. Maybe because we’ve passed down our own confusions to them (hereditary), or because we’re just as broke as how to go through with love. Here’s a quick sample from the Android: “The world keeps spinning round and round. I’m floating up and down. Gets hard to tell the difference.”. Aren’t these the same exact words we utter or at least think about when we’re terribly in love? Or meet our potential better half?. How about in the last part where the Android asks “When all things come and all things go. What makes love so different?”.

As much as the song has an eye toward the future, Beachdust’s ‘An Android Contemplates Love’ fits the current music landscape perfectly. The vocals albeit with robotic hints are so pleasant to hear. Not to mention the instrumentals accompanying it, which paints this strange yet familiar picture of two strangers crossing paths in a beach. A chance meeting by the created and the creator casually talking about a thing that’s crucial to  both of them – LOVE.

Looking for more Beachdust to spruce up your everyday? Then come visit him on his official Instagram, SoundCloud and Youtube accounts.

Stay chill folks!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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