Erin K’s ‘Keep Her’ Is A Keeper

A ‘keeper’ is a term used for a person who’s dreamy and magical at the same time. They’re a hybrid of fantasy and reality, a unicorn of sorts if you will. Whether that’s a mix of beauty, sensitivity, smarts and sparkles (heart flutters etc) or what have you. At the end of the day, it boils down to you and what you discover – that’s what makes them extra special. Which mind you takes careful time, thus you must do everything to ‘keep them’ in your life once found. Not to tie them down, but give them reasons to stay because they know that with you they can find true love and a safe haven.

Having established that they have this mythical aura to them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are invulnerable. As a matter of fact, they have flaws, emotions and unresolved issues like we do. This humanity is brought to light in American born, London based artist Erin K with her song ‘Keep Her’. Released March 10th, in all streaming platforms worldwide. Keep her’ is both a play on words for the word ‘Keeper’ as well as a precautious journal entry as to how to treat ‘her’ through the lens of someone coming from a broken relationship.

Yes be sweet, hold her hand and make her your queen by all means. But more than that, be emotionally available as well. Listen to what she has to say and see her world through her perspective. “You need to get inside her head to keep her.” as the lyrics would say. From there you’ll get to know her more, thus having a brand new reason to fall deeper. In the end, making you ‘keeper’ to her as well.

While ‘Keep Her’ has that pleasantly sweet nature to it. Within it is a love letter to those who are currently and looking for love. It can seem like a fairytale for sure, but what truly makes a relationship tick is understanding and communication. Much like the vocals, stunning narrative painted and the serene instrumentals in Erin K’s ‘Keep Her’. Love is equally just as awe inspiring and fragile. It’s a game of ‘touch and go’ for the hearts that want to make it work.

Looking for more Erin K to spice up your playlists? Then come on over to her official website, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube accounts for more!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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