Will Pope Shares Latest Single, “Rehash”

While it expands from within the boundaries of folk and pop, Will Pope’s music adds in a mix of subtle jazz and a passionate, visceral sensibility of classic roots music. His technicality is matched with soaring vocals and intricate harmonies stemming from a love of soul.

Following on from his debut release “Stormy Seas,” which received acclaim from the likes of Mahogany and Alex Rainbird, Will Pope’s second single ‘Rehash’ is out on November 18th. Having embarked on a UK tour in 2022 culminating in a show at the prestigious St Pancras Old Church in support of Alex Francis.

His debut release, Burying Giants, is the culmination of years of hard work, shaped by the Beijing music scene, and artists and musicians Pope has collaborated with along the way. The songs tell stories of grief, loss and hope in a changing landscape—shaped partly by his experience of living in China’s capital, but also through the isolation that comes with a solo artist working on a debut release.

From the depths of Burying Giants, single “Rehash” comes from Will’s experiences living abroad in Beijing just before the pandemic hit. It touches on how our memories shape us. The experience of the song itself begins as a transcendent masterpiece of instrumentals before a sweep of acoustic guitar pours in. All you feel is the warmth from within that his artistry pours out as vocals continue to set the scope and increase the pacing of the story he unfolds.

Stay tuned for more updates about Will Pope, and stream the single below:

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