Russian producer and multi-instrumentalist Biicla takes Whethan’s “Hurting on Purpose ft. K. Flay” from his 2020 album “Fantasy” on a fresh, bass filled remix.

Back in 2020, Biicla scored a big cosign from legendary bass music duo Zeds Dead with a remix from the two of his track “Deeper” with Funkin Max. Now after releasing his first single of 2021 “Wut” on Zeds Dead’s “Deadbeats” label, Biicla keeps his 2021 streak up with this infectiously wonky take on Whethan’s K. Flay collaboration off of last year’s “Fantasy” album. While still keeping some of the carefree pop elements, this new remix adds a house spin with a wildly warped sounding low end that takes this track to a new level of energy.

Whethan and Biicla’s relationship actually began on the last “Holy Ship! Wrecked” cruise line festival in early 2020 where both producers had the chance to meet and exchange some of their unreleased tracks, possibly slating this new remix between the two.

 “Biicla and I first met at Holy Ship. We kicked it the whole weekend and played each other some tracks we were working on. He’s a great dude and since then I’ve been consistently inspired by everything he’s been doing.” -Whethan

“When I was at Holy Ship, I attended a performance by a seemingly shy guy. We met briefly and I started following his music. Then he released an amazing album. Today we release a remix I did of my favourite song from that album, and that guy was Whethan. It’s a small world.” -Biicla

Alongside this “Holy Ship!” connection, both Biicla and Whethan are co-collaborators of Good Luck Have Fun Media, which has been involved in Whethan’s “Fantasy” album as well as Biicla’s past releases. With both producers set up for a release filled 2021, including Whethan’s upcoming collaboration with artists like ericdoa and Glaive, we can expect to hear much more from the two of them.

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