Given 100,000 units sold to-date on Shakey Graves’ debut album Roll The Bones, it’s not by accident that frontman Alejandro Rose-Garcia has vaulted into cult leader status. For those familiar with Rose-Garcia’s music since 2011, before he had a studio, or backing band for that matter, they’ve relished getting to know the artist himself.

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So much the case, that February 9th was named ‘Shakey Graves Day’ in Austin, Texas. This, the impetus for his live concert earlier in the week, along with livestream tickets up for shows on February 23rd and March 9th. All leading up to his April 2nd special edition reissue Roll The Bones X by Dualtone on major digital streamers. For those eager fans, pre-save is available.

Roll The Bones X Double LP Album Cover
Shakey Graves’ Album Cover for Roll The Bones X (Ten Year Anniversary)

In addition to creating context for new fans, the double LP will be love at nostalgia for long-time listeners. Rose-Garcia eloquently spoke to that underpinning truth.

“If you discover something for yourself, it will always hold more water because it’s tied to memory and coincidence…It gives you a sense of ownership as a listener.”

-Alejandro Rose-Garcia

Regardless of acquaintance level, the second attached LP Odds + Ends included fifteen additional songs as a treat to fans.

DISC 2 (Odds + Ends)

  • Years Ago (Interlude)
  • Chinatown
  • Oh The Reign
  • The Night (Interlude)
  • Dusty Lion
  • Word Of Mouth (Early Version) [featuring Isaac Gillespie]
  • The Haunted Guitar (Interlude)
  • Late July (Early Version)
  • The Daily All
  • Pansy Waltz (Demo)
  • Lonely Hill (Alt-Version)
  • The Teacher (Interlude)
  • Saving Face (Early Version Of Roll The Bones)
  • Bully’s Lament (featuring Isaac Gillespie & Morgan Heringer)
  • The Shepherd (Interlude)

Introspective as all-get-out, Rose-Garcia was able to take a step back and assess his artistic growth.

“It’s a record that sounds like my years of exploration and influence, funneled through my abilities at the time—and it all became something more.”

-Alejandro rose-garcia

That something more involved a music video for the title track, “Roll The Bones.” The minute-long opening melody, combined with actor Wesley Stewart’s outerwear, struck a Western film vibration. One with ghostly-sung lyrics boosted by a distinct sonic energy, the sound of which has inspired musicians like Theo Kandel.

Upon inspection of the video’s protagonist however, the viewer recognized modern clothes underneath Westward Expansion garb. Juxtaposition like his journey tracking through the unforgiving wilderness to a modern-day, backyard shed. Here he met a version of himself. With the two sitting across from each other, a hallucinogenic twist underscored how history repeats itself when humanity prioritizes fleeting pleasures.   

Official video via Shakey Graves on YouTube

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