Rock and metal is a highly expressive genre where typically you find songs dabbling in the land of heartbreak. If you fall under the category of people who are spending Valentine’s Day 2021 by yourself, you’d enjoy this list of rock and metal songs for people like you. Whether you’re alone due to a heartbreak that caused you anger or sadness, this list will have both flavors.

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Bitch – Sevendust

The title of this song kinda says it all. The song is heavy on the theme of feeling pity for a person for having to live with themselves and it’s perfect for unleashing feelings for a person who’s done you wrong. If there’s a certain ex-member of your life that was unhealthy to know, this song can help you relate.

Radio – Alkaline Trio

A classic track by the famous ‘Trio explores the feelings of leaving a person behind and feeling relief of escaping that era in your life while growing tired of having to put effort into such an exhausting situation. Although my description makes the sound more profound than it actually is, the song actually takes a bit of a smug approach to the whole breakup thing. The narrator’s point of view is wanting nothing to do with this person and faces relief when he remembers that he never has to deal with them anymore. Also listen to the chorus for the best “get lost” you’ll ever hear.

You’ve Changed – Flaw

Flaw has got to be one of the most emotional bands I know, and as the name suggests, the song is an angst-filled message towards someone who isn’t whoever they were before and changing for the worst. Much like a lot of metal fans, metal musicians go through a lot of the hardships of life, because after all they ARE human beings, and I’m sure a few people reading have had a relationship end due to a person evolving into a changed person entirely. If you fall into that category, let off some steam with his cathartic track.

Btm Fdr – The Acacia Strain

This track is pretty much a list of ridiculous (-ly awesome) insults that make you scratch your head yet are effective. Read the lyrics of this song because it wouldn’t be too wise to put them here. Great song for someone you have sour feelings for.

Amor – State Line Syndicate

Amor by State Line Syndicate is one of those tear-jerking songs for coping with a heartbreak. The soft tempo puts emphasis on the intended tone of the song; one that makes you miss that someone special. If you wish you did a few things differently or want another shot at a past relationship, this song will hold you in its arms til your love-flame is re-kindled.

If It Means a Lot to You – A Day to Remember

To me, this iconic track embodies the feeling of not wanting to lose someone special and the thoughts that make a gut-wrenching feeling overcome you when you feel a relationship is in jeopardy. The duet is sorrowful and shows the point of views of both parties involved. There’s something especially sad about hearing one side trying to give up, and one trying to fight through what is causing turmoil. I’m the song, the main thing straining the relationship is distance/time apart, however this song can help you through any love-related hardship.

A Part of Me – Neck Deep

If you’re missing someone who’s still special to you after a long while and you have a lot of nice things to say about them, this song will help you get those feelings out. The song dabbles a little bit in the theme of being away from someone yet still loving them the way you did before you lost them.

Liar (It Takes One to Know One) – Taking Back Sunday

Got someone who’s done you wrong? Cheated? Lied? Well apparently so does Taking Back Sunday, and in this song they seem to express some feelings towards an issue only the narrator and the other party know the details of. Either way the chorus is a great “right back at you” to someone who has hurt a good relationship and tried to turn the tables onto you.

Godsmack – I F*cking Hate You

In my personal experience with this song, the person in question isn’t actually a relationship I had, it’s actually the proctor for my driver’s test. Long story. Anyway, this one is very straight to the point. If you’re fed up with someone and straight up don’t care anymore, crank this heavy one up as a big middle finger to the person in question.

Aloneliness – The Amity Affliction

Although this track may not necessarily be about love, the chorus especially can help communicate to the readers who suffer from loneliness and the heavy feeling it puts on the heart. Its understandable if you’re not happy being alone and I hope that changes soon for those readers who’ve been abandoned on this Valentine’s day, but in the meantime I encourage you to express yourself through a jam session; this song’s a good starting point.

Whatever the reason may be that’s causing you to not spend this Valentine’s Day to the fullest, I do hope that next year you can relate to the list of songs for the more lucky ones on this day; link to the other article here. These songs are to be used as therapy and relation in order to help those suppress feelings of being alone or missing out. Best of luck, and hang in there.

Happy Valentine’s Day either way.

-Luke Brooks IG: @luckylukephotos

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