Walking the Path of Familial Grief in Evi Bosman’s “Remind Me”

“Remind Me” by Evi Boseman is out today, and presents itself as a deeply heartfelt homage to her brother, who died in a tragic car accident. In the track, she searches for a way to remember him, as time seems to dissipate her memories.

Bosman is a Rotterdam-based indie-folk artist whose music is at once comforting and complex. Inspired by the likes of Adrianne Lenker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Alan Hampton, she adds her voice to a choir of exceptional artists operating in the modern folk idiom. “Remind Me” follows previous singles “I’ll Be Right Here,” “Loose A Friend,” and “Something To Dream Of,” all of which highlight Bosman’s expertise in grabbing ahold of strong emotions and translating them into words.

Cover art

“Remind Me” spares no time in showing its beauty, pulling audiences in with its charm from the very first note. A gorgeous blend of an acoustic guitar and string instrumentals open to introduce Boseman’s vocals and message, both of which are filled with intense longing that only those who have lost a close loved one could understand. Here, she opens up on how although we will never forget the person who has passed once was, the memories that you hold yourself will undoubtedly begin to grow fuzzy and deteriorate, as such is the fate of time. You may try everything in your power to busy yourself with things that remind you of them, like visiting the places that you once resided in together, but the fact remains that no goodbyes were said on the last day, a regret that will linger for years to come. The difficulties of grief produces enormous amounts of pain, and Boseman has shaped these experiences into a masterpiece of expression sure to be appreciated by anyone else who has shared the experience of a similar period of time.

Evi Bosman can be found for more on Instagram.

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