One of the laments that some have about EDM is that, because of its synthesizer sounds and computer-based creative process, it’s a music genre that lacks humanity. Yet if the rise of electronic music from the 1980’s until now is any indication, the genre has long since evolved from its robot-like facade and transformed into one of the most progressive, important and human sounds today. Nowhere is this more evident than in reigning house music kings Swedish House Mafia and their latest single and music video with English singer-songwriter Connie Contsance, “Heaven Takes You Home.”

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons EDM and house music grew to such enormous heights in the 2010’s, Swedish House Mafia have always had a knack for composing engaging, well-crafted songs — and for choosing amazing vocalists to sing them. This is especially evident in “Heaven Takes You Home,” where soulful Connie Constance imbues every ounce of emotion possible into the poignant chorus: “When heaven takes you home / And you’re at the gates alone / If the grass isn’t greener / Come back, and check I’m still breathing / When heaven takes you home / And you’re untouchable / Tell them how you backflip from tragic / Show them how to struggle, make magic.” Unlike many EDM songs of a similar ilk, the combination of Constance’s pleasantly rough vocals and Swedish House Mafia’s soaring compositions makes “Heaven Takes You Home” one of the more heartbreaking, life-affirming electronic hits to date.

To match the humanity of the track, Connie Constance actually directed the music video, which has the addition of “Connie’s Lens” attached to the title — and rightfully so. Swedish House Mafia may have come up with the initial song, but it’s Constance’s empathetic singing and directorial turns that make “Heaven Takes You Home” a hit for the ages. In the video, viewers see a day-in-the-life of Constance and her family and friends — waking up with her partner and getting ready for the day, followed by biking down the streets of Hackney, hanging out in wig shops and generally having a good time in the lesser-seen parts of London. The video culminates in a night-time party where Constance has “HEAVEN” tattooed on her arm, dances in the alleyway of her home and watches the sunrise from her rooftop. EDM song aside, it’s a surprisingly quiet music video that shows the diversity and humanity of those who are often not shown in British scenes — a sentiment that Constance says played on her mind when directing the video:

It’s been the most incredible journey working with Swedish House MafiaFrom creating a beautiful song that is so dear to me, to then directing the video, I cannot be grateful enough for how empowering this process has been. Everyone you will see in this video and even most of the crew has changed my life in some shape or form which feels propitious as this song is currently doing the same. I wanted to create a video for SHM that might be shown at a wedding or sadly a funeral. All the best bits, and the best people. It’s not the London eye or the River Thames that makes London. It’s the people that keep the culture so diverse and the energy so dynamic. I hope this video gives an insight to the young dreamers in the city and how together we help each-other pass all limitations and take over the world … until heaven takes you home and you’ve got the most triumphant story to tell.

“Heaven Takes You Home” is not only a wonderfully joyous track to listen to — it also tells the story of those who never back down and will persevere no matter what. With its cathartic music video and wonderful performances by both Constance and the DJs of Swedish House Mafia, the track is a moving addition to the EDM genre — and proof that it’s more than just soulless turns on a computer board.

Swedish House Mafia’s “Heaven Takes You Home” comes off of their debut album, Paradise Again, released in mid-April via SSA Recording and Republic Records. The group kicks off their long-awaited Paradise Again Tour in Miami tomorrow, July 29, and will continue on across North America and Europe through November 13. You can — and should — watch the music video for “Heaven Takes You Home” and listen to its Spotify below!

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