EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Scars Removed From the Heart, Looking Forward and “Falling Into Place” by Evi Bosman

With tracks now reaching over 28K views on YouTube, Evi Bosman continues to solidify her presence in the indie pop scene even further. Exclusively premiering with Glasse Factory today, “Falling Into Place” is the brilliant and hopeful capstone to Bosman’s upcoming debut EP, which is now known to be titled All That Remains.

“Falling Into Place” tells of how your stories may shape you, but they don’t determine your worth. With this release, Bosman takes inspiration from Phoebe Bridgers, Radiohead and Big Thief, and follows up on a previous track about familial grief and recovery. Titled “Remind Me,” it was reviewed on Glasse Factory back when it released last July, which can be read upon here.

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Carried by an sparkling and sophisticated acoustic riff, “Falling Into Place” is ever personal in showing the truth of opening up to vulnerability. For many people, truly letting go of past experiences is a whole world of pain to be conquered, and Bosman realizes this. Throughout the song, she softly explains how and why this is okay, that everything felt, good or bad, is all part of the healing process.

One foot leads before another, and after each step a deep and stabilizing breath is taken. It doesn’t matter how fast you move, only that movement is being made. Every word that Bosman speaks is beautifully delicate as is meaningful, especially in the chorus, when the lyrics are brought forward in the synchronized beauty of varied keyboard and string instrumentals. Overall, if anything is to be taken from this song, it’s how you are the one to decide how your story falls into place, that you are not defined by downs that are uncontrollable.

Evi Bosman is found on Spotify, YouTube and Instagram, and below is an exclusive MP3 provided of “Falling Into Place.”

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