Independent pop sensation Vincint has just dropped a new single along with a colorful video featuring a diverse cast like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gus Kenworthy, Will Pill, Kesha, Patricia Arquette and many other fabulous stars. “Taste So Good (The Cann Song)” came just in time for Pride Month in celebration of Queer artists with a little splash of new music to come. This song is an anthem, a movement focusing on radical inclusivity with a rally cry. It has a very sensual vibe, easy to listen to, a clear message presented while making you feel good as the song plays on. The video itself is captivating with all then right colors, the aesthetic, the choreography and all the amazing people starring in it, IT IS SERVING. I simply cannot look away and don’t want to look away. Highly encourage you all to check it out and enjoy the color rollercoaster.

The single of course is tied with Cann as the main focal point in the video. Cann is a queer founded company that produces cannabis-infused social tonic beverages for 21 and over. A song and company with lots of representation for all walks of life while promoting a beverage that’ll make you feel good (please drink responsibly). Not only is “Taste So Good (The Cann song)” linked with Cann, it is also linked with Weedmaps, which is a premier destination for cannabis consumers to learn and discover about cannabis/cannabis products.

Taste So Good (The Cann Song) single artwork

Vincint has giving us more than one single recently and tagged up with showtime for an exclusive single “Believer” for Showtime Pride 2022 and Queer to Stay. “Believer is also available to stream on Vincint’s official YouTube Channel. This single is making us a believer that Vincint is a wonderful breath of fresh air in the industry. Even partnering up with his long-time friend and upcoming musician Kelechi for a new song called “Just Another Song.”

Vincint is giving songs with empowering messages, open to all who listen. No hate, only love to everyone no matter their identity, gender, race or label. That is a message we at Glasse Factory can get behind.

We have not only given you one, not two but THREE songs that you all need to go listen to ASAP. What are you waiting for? We are giving you permission to fully enjoy an artist with a positive impact and domination over a national conversation. Enjoy beautiful angels, remember drink responsibly, consume safely and be your authentic self because we love you. Happy Pride!

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
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