Up And Coming Duo Taipei Houston Emerge With EP, “Once Bit Never Bored”

The offsprings of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich have embraced their father’s footsteps. Myles and Layne Ulrich amalgamated to form their band, Taipei Houston. Although they’re relatively new, their two most recent releases, “As The Sun Set” and “The Middle,” have made their entrance into the music industry quite astonishing. Taipei Houston released more music on Nov. 4 through their debut EP, “Once Bit Never Bored,” including their first two singles.

The record comprises nine tracks, all of which encompass varied decades of rock ‘n’ roll. By conjuring iconic duos like Death From Above 1979, The Kills, and The White Stripes, Taipei Houston excels in combining garage, psychedelic, and grunge rock—from the distorted guitars to the expressive vocals.

“As The Sun Sets,” the first track, is an amusing tune with thrashing percussion and driving guitars that are critical dynamics in the track. The second song, “Hello From The Bottom,” contains a lively rhythm and incredible fuzzy guitar action. “The Middle” sounds different from the beginning two. Instead of thrashing and intense sound for the entire track, it’s a bit more controlled with the groovy lead guitar rhythm.

“Hypocrite” is the fourth track, which includes this unbelievable guitar solo at the start and is quite the rebellious tune. The fifth song, “Respecter,” has a lot of distorted instrumentals and raucous percussion, but the vocals don’t hesitate to show range. The duo recently released a music video to go with the song.

It’s incredible how in “Susie Thin Lips,” the percussion gets to shine more and more in sync with the lead guitar. “Frequency,” “Lie, Lie,” and “Drop Song” are the last three songs on “Once Bit Never Bored.”

The entire EP is phenomenal, and there’s no doubt Taipei Houston’s fans will enjoy their new record. From the sounds of the record, it’s evident that they wanted to go for the grungier sound, and one could appreciate how the duo remained consistent with that sound. The EP has excellent songs and received well-deserved praise from other publications like Loudwire and Consequence.

Check out Taipei Houston’s “Once Bit Never Bored” and follow the band on Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, and YouTube. You can also head over to their website to check for upcoming shows.

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