Noah Cyrus Performs Last Dates of “The Hardest Part” Tour

Noah Cyrus just concluded her “The Hardest Part” tour, showcasing her highly anticipated debut album, and ultimately her most vulnerable release to date. We joined with her and her fans under the roof of August Hall in San Francisco, a historic location with a molded ceiling and stained glass portraits of faces glowing around the room. The intimate theater held a sold out crowd, clumped closely together as they hung on every word and every movement from the artists that played that night.

Joined as a special guest on Cyrus’s tour, gigi warmed up the crowd with an angelic performance that soothed every soul and pulled them into the story they wove in the guitar in their hands.

Noah entered onstage wearing a floor length red velvet dress. You could hear the years of hard work in her voice and each subtle tone as she took time on each side of the stage, attempting to make eye contact with every person she could. Fans threw sunflowers onto the stage, where she grabbed them with open arms and held them in her hands.

What separated this tour from the rest was the story she told, the presence she wore on her shoulders of a newfound peace and practice to her voice, and the vulnerability she shared with her fans. Her music had a melancholy tone to them but this performance contained tints of hope and life from within.

In a whirlwind of loss, heartbreak, and chaos, Noah Cyrus grabbed the reins, took control of her life, and has been able to finally tell her story like never before. The Nashville-born musician, singer and songwriter uncovers the kind of strength you only find from within and has shared it with the world through this heartfelt and deeply personal body of work that is both timeless as much as it is of the now.

She broke down a part of her story to her fans in between tracks, just before ramping the energy up again for her finale.

Soon after I started having all this music success I was introduced to downers, which gradually took over my life the next couple of years.

By 2020 I was at my lowest low—I was suicidal and in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship. I was choosing drugs over my family, my friendships, myself—everything. And when the pandemic hit it gave me an excuse to further isolate myself. Anxiety and depression fully consumed me. I finally had a moment of clarity after I lost my grandmother. When she died, I wanted to be there for my mom, but was so emotionally and physically gone. I felt an enormous amount of guilt and the whole situation made me re-assess a lot of my decisions the past few years. Around the same time, I got out of my toxic relationship and weighed out my options—life or death.

I wanted to find purpose and hope. So, I chose life. I called everyone I needed to and asked for help. I did the work to get off the pills. December 15, 2022 will be my 2nd year anniversary, and I’m experiencing happiness and joy for the first time since I was a little kid.

With this part of her story so openly shared, we felt all the more grateful to be a part of her journey as we witnessed her onstage. She took time thanking everyone for the response of the album thus far, and admitted she was a little nervous about how the shift in her voice as an artist would be perceived.

As a whole, the night was filled with an inspiring push toward journeying for health, as we saw the process in its midst from Noah, and how she’s been growing, processing, and shaping herself from the choice of “life.” We look forward to hearing what she has to offer next, and wait in anticipation.

Stay tuned for more updates about Noah Cyrus! Stream her latest album below:

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